What’s The Difference Between Social Media and Online Advertising?

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The goals of PPC and are generally distinct from one another, but they also intersect in many ways. You certainly know that social media and advertising are not the same, but what exactly makes them different in spirit and why are these differences important?

Common Goal, Separate Philosophies

These two tools are both designed to bring leads to your business so that you can nurture them and convert them into clients. However, the spirit behind how they accomplish this is different for important reasons. A PPC ad on is displayed in an effort to grab the lead's attention, particularly in a way that pertains specifically to what they searched for, ideally with as much relevance as possible. It is also fundamentally a one-way interaction. A social media post, on the other hand, opens possibility for two-way engagement. This is what an inbound tool like social media is all about.

Time and Money

Another key distinction between online advertising and social media is that they demand different resources and in different amounts. Implementing a successful PPC campaign requires smart budgeting, skilled examination of actionable data, and well-informed strategic thinking. Meanwhile, good strategy is essential for social media, but you won't have to do much budgeting. You will, however, need to exercise patience and diligence. There's won't be instant data-driven feedback on your decisions like you get with PPC, so bear in mind that measuring growth related to your and social media presence is a process in and of itself.

What Does This Teach Us?

These are two of the most important tools in today's standard digital marketing toolbox, yet they express many differences in where they stem from philosophically and what relationships they bear with your audience. This is a compelling example of how combining distinct strategies and tools — rather than depending entirely on one or the other — is so powerful. A holistic marketing strategy has the advantage of fusing several complementary elements and making them bring out the best in one another. Once this is done properly, your business benefits!

If you don't pay close attention to how different marketing concepts diverge from and interact with one another, assembling an effective marketing strategy can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, the CAYK team can make it all far more approachable. Call (403) 456-0072 to get started today!

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