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Where Should You Be Social?

Social media marketing can be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first. Given the overwhelming range of platforms and their individual characteristics, one of your first challenges will be to decide which ones to focus on. Thinking in terms of demographics will make life a lot easier.


Having the largest social media user base on the planet, Facebook should certainly command a significant amount of your attention. When compared to many others, one key attribute of this platform to note is its fairly even distribution of users when it comes to age. Despite its reputation as a millennial-heavy environment, it’s cited by many marketers as the best platform to reach Gen X and baby boomer users. It’s also a major hub for retail shoppers discovering new products, either via shared content or paid advertisement. Overall, Facebook offers a lot of range for businesses across a broad spectrum of target audiences.


As massive and influential as Facebook is, it shouldn’t necessarily be your one-stop shop. At 317 million, Twitter’s user base may not be as large as that of Facebook, and it may skew a bit towards the under-40 age bracket, but it’s a hotbed for brand discovery. Almost 80% of Twitter users retweet small and medium sized enterprises, and almost 85% use the platform for dealhunting or to find special offers and reviews. Between rural, suburban, and urban locations, Twitter’s user base is distributed quite evenly, while average user income leans a bit more towards the wealthy side when compared with Facebook.


Almost 60% of Instagram users are under the age of 30, with a majority female user base at 58%. Unlike Facebook’s 35 average minutes per day, users spend an average of 15 minutes per day on Instagram, which is still nonetheless significant. Perhaps most crucial for businesses to consider, however, is that 53% of Instagram users follow brands. If you’re targeting teens, you should note that 53% of teen Instagram users cite it as their go-to platform for learning about new products. Finally, with more than four times the amount of mobile users than desktop, Instagram is a testament to the importance of a mobile-friendly site!

Taking social media seriously is one of the most important decisions you can make as a modern business owner. We’ve only listed a fraction of the platforms you should consider for your strategy. We can help you conquer these and so many more. Call us at (403) 456-0072 today!

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Does Inbound Marketing Mean the End of Real-World Relationships?

Whether you’ve thought about it yourself or you’ve heard others say it, it’s common for people to see certain web-based innovations as bringing an end to personal, human relationships. This is most often said of social media, but for some, it may also be a concern with inbound marketing.

What’s the Issue?

When reflecting on older approaches to marketing, it’s easy for some business owners and professionals to look back with rose-tinted glasses. The more traditionally-minded among them may view digital marketing as indicative of a larger dependency on the virtual world. Review sites appear to mean the end of word-of-mouth recommendation, Google searches seem to threaten the value of firsthand experience, and social media spells the demise of real-life community-building. Since these are just a few ingredients of inbound marketing, does this mean that inbound marketing is an “anti-human” way to grow your business?

The Fact of the Matter

The short answer is absolutely not, and in fact quite the contrary. Inbound marketing practices have, in part, developed out of an increased demand for more dynamic, personal engagement between brands and their communities. It’s about fostering a two-way relationship that offers audiences a more substantial and genuinely rewarding experience, going beyond a given company’s products or services in and of themselves. Because these principles are at the heart of inbound marketing, this philosophy incentivizes businesses to get creative about how they interact with the people around them.

Your Strategy

When your business embraces inbound marketing, you will be more equipped than ever to establish an enriching presence in the lives of your potential and established clients. The more diverse this presence is, the more reasons your leads will have to come to you. Attend community events to spread the word about what you do, post photos on social media with happy clients at your headquarters, and create content that will get people talking both online and offline about your expertise. The ideal inbound strategy is one that combines the strength of web-based tools with the timeless importance of community-building and human relationships!

The work we do with our clients is all the proof you need that inbound marketing and real-world relationships can thrive together as part of one powerful marketing philosophy. Give the CAYK team a call at (403) 456-0072 today, we’d love to bring you closer than ever to your audience!

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Are You Getting Untrustworthy Marketing Advice?

Digital marketing is a competitive field, and everyone has their own approach to helping businesses succeed. However, an agency that approaches you with certain motives may not have your best interests at heart. From false data to false promises, here’s how to spot them.

The Traffic Audit

Dishonest marketing agencies employ a number of unsavory strategies to get new clients, but there’s one in particular that we’d like to focus on. If you run a small business, you may at some point be approached by a marketing team offering to run a free test of your site’s rate of visitor traffic over the past few months, purporting to use auditing tools like Alexa or SEMrush. This could be via phone, email, or an online form. Following the test, you’ll probably be told that your traffic has not improved across the time they tested it for, and that with their services you’ll see the increase that you want.

What’s Really Going On?

The shock of learning that your site is underperforming could make it tempting to believe them. However, there’s a pretty high likelihood that this assessment of your traffic isn’t entirely truthful. In fact, they may not have even run a genuine audit in the first place. If you’re already working with a different team, this deceptive agency’s motive is first and foremost to distance you from that team so that they can step in. They simply want to get you as a client, not to help your company with its marketing efforts out of a genuine desire to see you succeed.

Transparency and Results

As surprising as it may be to hear that marketers get up to these kinds of things, it’s unfortunately not uncommon. It highlights a key underlying issue behind many marketing practices: Transparency matters more than some are willing to admit. A marketing team has a responsibility to work with its clients in a way that offers all the information they need on a routine basis. This is why CAYK believes so strongly in the importance of 30-day and 90-day account reviews. It demonstrates not only that we have the ability to get you results, but that we have the integrity to provide you with the experience you deserve!

Don’t be fooled by deceptive tactics. A marketing agency that doesn’t practice honesty and integrity won’t have your back when it matters most. To find out more about how we structure our marketing plans to put your needs first, get in touch with CAYK at (403) 456-0072 today!

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Are You Making Any of These Marketing Automation Mistakes?

Marketing automation involves a number of tools and strategies that can be powerful allies for your business, but only if you utilize them correctly. The occasional misstep in implementation is one thing, but some mistakes can significantly compromise your automation approach.

Neglecting Key Inbound Strategies

In order for your marketing strategy to bring you new business, you need to generate leads. Marketing automation excels at understanding existing leads and nurturing them so that they are guided through the purchase funnel to become loyal clients, but this is only part of the overall journey. If you put time, money, and effort into automated marketing actions without developing the inbound-focused aspects of your strategy that will bring leads to you in the first place, all that automation will only do you so much good. From your content to your social media, have your bases covered!

Falling Short on CRO

As good as marketing automation is at lead nurturing, it won’t maximize your conversion rates all on its own. For this you need to ensure that you have all of your sharpest CRO tools in the shed and that you use them the right way. Know your KPIs, know your audience, and have a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your site. How well-placed and well-written are your CTAs? How smooth is the navigation of your site, and can your leads intuitively get to where you need them to go? Failing to take elements like these into consideration can mean wasted efforts when it comes to your automation.

Trying to Do It Yourself

Building an inbound-centred marketing automation strategy that places necessary focus on your site and its CRO is a complex and potentially overwhelming endeavour. There are many different metrics to keep tabs on and decisions to be made on a routine basis. It’s definitely not an aspect of digital marketing that should be approached as a DIY project. Instead, the best way to get it right is to join up with a marketing team who can meet with you regularly, set actionable goals, and communicate smoothly with you throughout the process. This will help you avoid even the most common mistakes out there!

With the growth of new and exciting inbound philosophies in digital marketing, a revitalized perspective on marketing automation has changed the way businesses use it to bring in new clients. Give CAYK a call at (403) 456-0072 to find out how we can make it work for you!

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Content Matters: Your Clients Are Reading Your Website

Your marketing plan can’t live up to its potential unless you have great visibility in organic search results. Without high-quality content, this will only be a pipe dream. So what does “high quality” mean exactly? For one thing, it needs to be accessible not just to you, but to your clients!

Walking in Their Shoes

You know a thing or two about what you do. From your perspective, all the basic information surrounding your profession is pretty intuitive. So let’s say you start writing a blog to fill your company website with content that will boost your traffic, organic search ranking, and notoriety. The last thing you want is for someone to visit your blog hoping to learn about your products or services only to be confronted with insider jargon. If you don’t start from the ground up in terms of what topics you delve into, you’ll lose your leads quick. This is why ensuring that your content is accessible to the layperson is so critical.

The Value of a Professional Writer

There are many aspects of your marketing plan that you can (and should) be directly involved in. However, not only are you probably too busy to write all that copy yourself, there is a need for a certain tone and style designed for a more universal audience. This is where the value of a professional content writer lies. When you partner up with a marketing team to put together a digital marketing solution, part of that solution is combining the knowledge you have about your business with the skills of a writer who can translate that into valuable, approachable content for potential and established clients alike.

A Collaborative Process

What is the nature of the collaborative dynamic between you and the writers you’ve entrusted with your content? Instead of writing the web copy yourself, work closely to ensure that your writers know the key pieces of information that you want your leads and clients to grab ahold of. If you’ve chosen the right Calgary marketing agency, they’ll be able to use that information to build a picture of what you do, one that is accurate and detailed while also being helpful to someone who hasn’t worked in your industry!

Is the content on your company’s website accessible to your audience? Creating excellent content with a universal touch isn’t always easy, but it’s one of many marketing tasks that the CAYK team can help make easier. Call us at (403) 456-0072 today for more information!

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There’s More to Marketing Than Just PPC

We love the versatile and detail-oriented nature of an AdWords strategy, but the current digital marketing landscape is far too rich and varied to focus entirely on PPC. We’d like to run through the other superstars of the marketing arsenal so that you know what you have at your fingertips.

SEO and Search Marketing

Trying to buy your way onto search results pages with PPC isn’t the wisest or most cost-effective strategy for visibility. You’ll need to support your AdWords campaigns with diligent SEO practices so that your organic reach can compete with those of other companies. Great content with plenty of variety, smart on-page SEO, and other methods are very important!

Social Media and Community Management

No marketing strategy is complete without consideration of your wider audience, particularly with regards to how different leads and clients are linked together into a larger online community. Managing this with holistic yet detail-oriented application of social media platforms is the way to go. Engage with your followers and maintain a familiar, personal touch!

Blogs and Content

This is an important component of SEO, but its territory is rich enough to be examined in its own right. Your blog needs to strike many balances. It must provide detailed expertise while remaining accessible, have depth and variety while staying concise, and be consistent and reliable without boring your readers. Explore video content, written content, graphics, and more!

Inbound Calls and Live Chat

Many of the factors we’ve listed can be regarded as modes of communication with your leads and clients, but it’s the phone and live chat window where the most direct and personal correspondence will take place. Teaming up with a skilled team of inbound call and live chat operators will ensure that each exchange adds up to a competitive client experience.

Smart Branding

Even if you’ve covered all of the above, you’re missing one more key ingredient: branding. Utilize every resource you can to built an attractive, approachable, and distinct brand for yourself. Everything from the design of your site to how you use modern forms of content like video will contribute to an image that will be remembered, respected, and preferred!

With so many tools at hand, it’s inspiring to imagine all the possibilities available to you. CAYK aims to help you explore and utilize the best methods available, and we do it with the unique attributes of your business in mind. Get in touch at (403) 456-0072 to get started!

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What’s the Difference Between the Internet and the Web?

With so many digital technologies, resources, and strategies at hand in the digital world, there are all kinds of terminologies to keep up with, many of which get mixed up and misunderstood. “The internet” and “the web” are perfect examples. Here’s how to get them straight.

The Network of Networks

Before we had the World Wide Web, we had the internet. It developed out of a need for computer networks at various institutions and establishments to share information with one another across long distances. While several computers linked to one another locally would comprise a single network, the term “internet” refers to a massive super-network of interconnected networks. Information is exchanged in various ways, and this is made possible through protocols. These are standard methods by which data is transmitted between systems. Without them, data couldn’t get anywhere and we wouldn’t have the internet!

Surfing the Web

If we were to think of the internet as the entire system of data exchanged between computers and computer networks around the world, we would think of the World Wide Web as one means of accessing certain pieces of that data. The Web uses a protocol for accessing and transmitting data called HTTP. This data is displayed in the form of web sites as viewed through web browsers, all connected to one another via hyperlinks. It’s basically the information within the internet that we access, view, and share every day. Meanwhile, things like email data or banking data are transferred over the internet in a way that isn’t directly and openly visible via the World Wide Web.

Knowing Your Stuff

While it may seem like an overly technical distinction, the truth is that it’s important to understand today’s digital marketing concepts clearly in order to stay sharp and savvy when it comes to your marketing plan. “The internet” and “the web” are often mistakenly interchanged with one another as terms, and accurate usage of these and other forms of vocabulary is a big part of modernizing and optimizing your business. When you know your stuff, you can make truly intelligent use of technology to grow and reach more people!

Keeping your business modernized isn’t quite possible without a truly modern marketing plan. The CAYK team is always at the cutting edge of today’s marketing technologies, so give us a call at (403) 456-0072 to find out how we can keep you there too!

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What Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Plan Next Year?

Now that we’re in the later stages of 2015, it’s a good idea to take a look at what lies ahead for next year. What strategies should you include in your marketing plan and why? To help you stay ahead of the curve, here are a few key suggestions.

SEO & Adwords

The use of search has mainly happened in engines such as Google, but this will expand more and more to social media platforms themselves. Facebook is perhaps the best example of this because their internal search function is undergoing a transformation into an actual search engine. It will then benefit you to optimize your profiles just as attentively as you optimize your blog. And don’t forget the rising importance of content optimization! This is key both for your SEO and your Adwords campaign, as Google is shifting the emphasis of Dynamic Search Ads away from keywords and toward the relevance of your content at large.

Social Media

Sometimes it seems like social media changes more rapidly than anything else. The ways in which different platforms are perceived and used for certain types of content is always in flux. If social media has taught us anything, it’s to stay open minded about what platforms are relevant and potentially advantageous to business. Given its astronomical user base, Instagram is overdue for large-scale implementation of ad strategies, older age demographics are adopting Facebook at increasing numbers, and even Snapchat has proven itself as a rising star in the marketing world. Never be too quick to rule anything out!


Content is still an indispensable part of any marketing plan and blogging is one of the best ways to stay on top of this. This is because the numbers are increasingly in favor of content-driven strategies. The vast majority of users have and will continue to lean towards certain brands based on the quality, variety, and insightfulness of their writing, video, infographics, and other items. As mentioned above, this is becoming a key factor in the world of search now that algorithms have changed and the Knowledge Graph has transformed SEO. Get creative and your audience will notice!

Every year brings plenty of new things to learn about digital and traditional marketing. CAYK is here to help you stay sharp and keep your marketing plan up to speed! Feel free to get in touch today at (403) 456-0072.