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The average internet user encounters countless websites. Whether they belong to corporations, sole proprietorships, or nonprofit organizations, the best ones follow the latest standards. These standards can make or break your business, so what exactly does your site need to catch up?

Up-To-Date Design

Appearances may not be everything, but when it comes to your company's website, they play a pivotal role in your conversions and the overall perception of your brand. Pay close attention to trending styles. Vibrant long scroll sites with great images tend to catch the eye these days. In addition to aesthetic concerns, you should always bear in mind functionality. It's absolutely crucial that your site is mobile friendly, for instance, with a responsive layout that will earn you better visibility in mobile search. A visitor's experience should be smooth and intuitive, flowing in a way that is logical and makes all information easy to find.

Contact Information

There are many different actions a visitor can take that would qualify as a conversion, but one of the most important is making contact. They don't just want to fill out an online form or subscribe to your newsletter, they want to talk to a real human being. Your audience deserves more than one way to do this, and it should be as immediate as possible. Your phone number and address should be clearly marked on all pages of your site, you should utilize contact forms, and a live chat system should be implemented to give visitors the chance to connect with someone instantaneously. Demonstrate that you're there for them!

What About Your Content?

You'll be lost if you forget the importance of the actual that exists on your pages. There are a few factors to consider here. First, variety makes a big difference. Get creative with the way you convey information on your site, exploring methods such as video content and infographics if it suits your industry. Second, know your audience and factor that into how your written content takes shape in terms of tone and style. Don't forget long-tail key phrases that will help to boost your SEO efforts. Finally, always stay ahead of the curve and remain aware of current trends in content creation!

If your business isn't equipped with a contemporary website that meets all the necessary requirements, you may never know how much growth you can achieve. No company should settle for a sub-par site, so call CAYK at (403) 456-0072 to find out how to upgrade yours today!

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