Marketing Considerations for the Fall Season

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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

Like a savvy marketing expert, your digital marketing plan should be dynamic and responsive to the world around it. When it comes to a seasonal marketing techniques, the shift from summer to fall is a particularly important time. Here are a few things to bear in mind now that it's arrived.

Key Holidays

You can make your marketing plan more seasonal in many ways, but fine-tuning your voice and online presence to key holidays is one of the most important. Thanksgiving and Halloween would be the most obvious examples for autumn, so be sure to make promotional offers a major part of your seasonal efforts. Fall holidays are also opportunities to spice up the graphic design of your email campaigns and other visual . Finally, don't forget that even small details can mean a lot. Wishing your readers a happy Labour Day weekend, expressing your gratitude for them around Thanksgiving, or paying tribute for Remembrance Day are all great touches.

Consumer Events

Autumn holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween are particularly significant when it comes to purchase decisions. However, this season is also home to patterns in consumer spending and thinking that don't constitute “holidays” in and of themselves but are nonetheless important to bear in mind for countless business owners. Black Friday in November, for instance, should be a key area of focus if you sell consumer goods. It's essential not to underestimate the importance of consistently researching and understanding how the behaviour of your audience shifts and evolves throughout the year, and the onset of autumn is no exception.

Your Marketing Plan

Maintaining the strength of your marketing plan is a year-round effort, but a change in seasons is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your performance and your decision-making. The more deeply you understand your leads and customers (and the data that represents them), the better. Does the end of summer typically bring you more engagement and business, or does it tend to be a slower time of year? Which products or services gain more or less attention during this time? Make extensive use of today's marketing and analytics tools to examine seasonal patterns and implement that data to adjust your marketing goals and areas of focus accordingly.

Does your marketing plan reflect the seasonal nuances of your industry? This isn't the only factor to consider when developing a strategy that strengthens your business. The marketing experts at CAYK are some of the finest in calgary, so call (403) 456-0072 to take the next step!


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