When Your Inbound Strategy Is Great, but Your Content Needs Work

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As we demonstrated in last week's , when the individual aspects of your marketing strategy work in synergy, they give you the best results. But what happens when one component isn't quite right? The quality of your , for instance, will make all the difference.

What Makes a Great Inbound Strategy?

Before we jump into the more specific question of content, it's useful to concretize a broader philosophy by which all of your inbound efforts can be guided. The first thing to remember is that a truly great inbound strategy is defined by your ability to think creatively and try new things. Spice things up with visual content like infographics and video. Use live chat to provide information to visitors that they might not get from your blog. Provide embed codes that make it easier for visitors to share material from your site, generating backlinks for you in the process. There are so many possibilities that it would be a crime not to broaden your horizons!

It's Not Just Your Blog

Your blog is a major player when it comes to your website's content, but it's not the only one. You should evaluate everything that is written on your site, from your “About Us” page to the summaries of your products and services and the visibility of your contact information. When these ingredients don't measure up to current standards, the respectability of your business can really take a nosedive. It can also severely harm your visibility in search results. Even when you think you've ticked off all the boxes, the quality of the writing may not be up to snuff. Even the smallest details can make a big difference.

Making Improvements

A good place to start when evaluating and overhauling your content is to consider a company website that you've been impressed by lately. What exactly makes it work so well? Is it the tone and precision of the language? The organization of the information and clarity of navigation? The relevance, variety, and entertainment factor of its blog articles? Your site should be in tip-top shape within all of the above categories and more. Content has the capacity to define the identity of your brand, capture the attention of your visitors, and keep you at the top of their minds. Don't underestimate its power, capitalize on it!

By uniting a razor-sharp strategy with top-tier content, you're truly beginning to capitalize on your traffic and facilitate conversions. However, there's still much more to a full-scale marketing plan than this. Call the CAYK team today at (403) 456-0072 to learn more!

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