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  • The Yin and Yang of Search Engine Optimization

    If you work with a great business web design team, then chances are good that you’re getting mixed messages about search engine optimization lately. That’s because there’s a bit of “Yin and Yang” going on, with a few different priorities and realities competing with one another. If that sounds confusing,…

    8th April 0 read more

  • The Three Things Business Owners Keep Trying… and That Search Engines Keep Punishing

    When search engine optimization first started being a viable widespread marketing tool, it had a “Wild West” feel to it. Everything was about content and links – the main tools that search engines use to understand websites and rank them – to the point that maximizing each was the name…

    22nd June 0 read more

  • Search Engine Optimization: Too Much of a Good Thing Really Can Hurt You

    We’ve always thought that going too far with search engine optimization was a bad idea – especially since it can hurt your conversion rates and the profitability of your business website – but now it turns out that it might not even work. In fact, Matt Cutts (Google’s Spam Chief)…

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  • What’s Better Than Good SEO Content?

    If there were an actual textbook on online marketing, one that we could all agree on and learn from, it’s likely that writing good search engine optimization content would fall within the first few chapters. After all, there aren’t many things as great as having a well-optimized page or post…

    1st March 0 read more

  • The 4 Traits of Great Online Marketing Content

    At Kayk, helping our clients to generate great online marketing content is one of the most important and impactful things we can do. Great writing is a key ingredient to almost every profitable website, blog, or social media marketing campaign, but what makes it great in the first place? To…

    5th December 0 read more

  • What Does a Realistic SEO Goal Look Like for a Business?

    One of the hardest parts about choosing an Internet marketing company in Canada is managing different levels of expectations. Often, it’s hard to distinguish between the reliable businesses that have proven track records of success and those who simply claim they can help you to find more customers. That’s particularly…

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  • Can Your Online Marketing Company See Into the Future?

    If you have ever sat down to begin working with a proven, high-quality Internet marketing team, you’ll notice something interesting: We use a lot of schedules, graphs, and forecasts as part of our job. To someone who hasn’t been through the process before, this can seem a little optimistic. After…

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