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When Your Inbound Strategy Is Great, but Your Content Needs Work

As we demonstrated in last week’s article, when the individual aspects of your marketing strategy work in synergy, they give you the best results. But what happens when one component isn’t quite right? The quality of your content, for instance, will make all the difference.

What Makes a Great Inbound Strategy?

Before we jump into the more specific question of content, it’s useful to concretize a broader philosophy by which all of your inbound efforts can be guided. The first thing to remember is that a truly great inbound strategy is defined by your ability to think creatively and try new things. Spice things up with visual content like infographics and video. Use live chat to provide information to visitors that they might not get from your blog. Provide embed codes that make it easier for visitors to share material from your site, generating backlinks for you in the process. There are so many possibilities that it would be a crime not to broaden your horizons!

It’s Not Just Your Blog

Your blog is a major player when it comes to your website’s content, but it’s not the only one. You should evaluate everything that is written on your site, from your “About Us” page to the summaries of your products and services and the visibility of your contact information. When these ingredients don’t measure up to current standards, the respectability of your business can really take a nosedive. It can also severely harm your visibility in search results. Even when you think you’ve ticked off all the boxes, the quality of the writing may not be up to snuff. Even the smallest details can make a big difference.

Making Improvements

A good place to start when evaluating and overhauling your content is to consider a company website that you’ve been impressed by lately. What exactly makes it work so well? Is it the tone and precision of the language? The organization of the information and clarity of navigation? The relevance, variety, and entertainment factor of its blog articles? Your site should be in tip-top shape within all of the above categories and more. Content has the capacity to define the identity of your brand, capture the attention of your visitors, and keep you at the top of their minds. Don’t underestimate its power, capitalize on it!

By uniting a razor-sharp inbound marketing strategy with top-tier content, you’re truly beginning to capitalize on your traffic and facilitate conversions. However, there’s still much more to a full-scale marketing plan than this. Call the CAYK team today at (403) 456-0072 to learn more!

Internet Marketing

Three Essentials to Meet the Needs of Your Customers This Year

Each one of your clients comes to you with a set of needs, but it’s a mistake to assume that this refers simply to the product or service that they pay for. A customer should mean a lot more to you than that, so let’s examine three excellent ways you can fulfill and exceed their expectations.

Be Available

Few things can guarantee you a loss of business quite as effectively as your absence or inattentiveness to your client base. This doesn’t just mean that you need to be thinking about them and how much revenue they’re bringing you. Attentiveness should go beyond your numbers and should involve direct engagement and reciprocal communication. Answer your phones, emails, and live chat messages. Respond to feedback on review sites. Make social media engagement a priority. On the whole, you need to make it as clear as possible that you’re there for them and won’t let them down.

Produce Engaging Content

Just as you should endeavour to listen to and communicate with your customers directly, you should see your content as an integral form of communication as well. It allows you to continuously announce yourself as a leading brand in your field, but that’s not all. It provides the information that both potential and established customers need from you regarding your products or services. Even among your most loyal clients, every purchase is a decision, and they want that decision to be as informed as possible. Give them what they need to build trust in you and get excited about what you can offer them!

Modernize Your Website

We’ve all had an experience with a poorly made website. In our tech-centric world, this is something that can linger in your memory like an unpleasant meal, and you don’t want anyone to leave your site with a bad taste in their mouth. It will benefit you considerably to think of a good website not as a luxury, but as something that meets a core need that all of your customers will have. Clunky design, a confusing interface, and poorly written copy just don’t fly anymore. Give your customers a site that meets all of today’s standards, from a live chat interface to a mobile-friendly architecture and more. They deserve it!

Even if your business excels in these categories, being the best that you can be for your established clients is an ongoing process, and so is bringing in new ones. From content to PPC and beyond, the CAYK team is ready to help you succeed. Call (403) 456-0072 to get started!

Internet Marketing

Make 2018 Your Company’s Best Year Yet

While we all have personal resolutions to set and pursue throughout the coming year, it’s important to do the same for our businesses. So how do you put your company on a course for more growth throughout 2018? The right consulting can take you miles ahead of the rest!

Social Media

Today’s web technologies are more accessible than they’ve ever been. As a result, certain digital marketing endeavours may seem as though they can be successfully undertaken by anyone. Setting up social media profiles for your business is about as easy as it gets, but making them work for your business to bring in new leads and create greater legitimacy and respectability for your brand is a different story. It requires time, hard work, and a wide spectrum of marketing savvy that takes years to attain. If you tap into the knowledge that marketing professionals have accrued throughout the history of social media’s evolution, your strategy will really come into its own.

Getting Conversions

Even if you can bring in new leads, turning those leads into clients is a challenging journey in and of itself. Successful digital marketing requires that you get into the minds of those in your audience, understanding what will tip them towards a conversion and what will push them away. It also demands that you have the technical know-how to build experiences that apply this understanding in a practical and measurable way. If you want to know what your site and overall marketing strategy needs to become a mean, lean conversion machine, proper consulting can shed light on all the essentials.

A Fresh Perspective

It’s easy to break digital marketing down into terms a simple as lead generation and conversion, but anyone who runs a business knows that growing a larger and more loyal client base is about a lot more than that. This is why high-quality consulting needs to take as wide an array of marketing factors into account as possible. Not only this, but it needs to bring something new and competitive to the table, otherwise you’ll just be running in circles and falling behind the more forward-thinking competition. Whether it’s one-on-one consulting or a seminar given to your entire team, a good consultant will change the way you think about your business and what it’s capable of!

Is your business prepared for the coming year? These aren’t the only factors to bear in mind. From marketing automation to advertising and beyond, CAYK has the experience to help you succeed. Call us at (403) 456-0072 to experience truly first-class marketing consulting today!

Internet Marketing

Myths of Social Media Marketing

There’s a lot of advice out there on the uses of social media. Unfortunately, not all of it is completely accurate and this can lead to many misconceptions! Here are a few examples so we can help you set the record straight.

No Need for a Website or Blog

If everyone’s on social media, there’s no need for a website or blog, right? Wrong. Firstly, intensive use of social media isn’t totally universal, despite popular assumptions. Secondly, a hub for your content and expertise is one of the surest signs of a business that has their act together and can offer an engaging experience. The time-tested website is still a central standard for how people interact with organizations and professionals online.

You’re Working in the Dark

There’s no reliable way to tell how much return you’re getting for your effort, right? Wrong again. Many people feel discouraged results aren’t completely obvious, but if you stay sharp, they will be measurable and actionable. For example, examine what platforms most of your site traffic is coming from and use this to calculate where most of your conversions are coming from. As with any form of marketing, there’s no promise of instant gratification. It all takes time and effort.

You Should Treat it as a Sales Pitch

Social media is excellent for reaching lots of people, so it’s basically a megaphone, right? Incorrect! It’s a mistake to think of your platforms only as advertising tools. While they can be, your content should not add up to a glorified catalogue. Your audience needs to know you have something practical to offer in the form of great information. You should always have a message to convey, one that benefits your community in a recognizable way.

There’s a Universal Method

This is one of the most important assumptions to avoid. It’s a far better idea to keep an open mind than to look for a one-size-fits-all solution. Your work and your industry are full of nuance, and so are the tools that you use to succeed. Expand your understanding of your audience and the platforms at hand, and you’ll be rewarded in the long term!

If you’re hoping to sift through all the myths and get straight to the facts, CAYK is here to help. Our expertise has served us well, and it could serve you well too! Give us a call today at (403) 456-0072.