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3 Questions to Ask Before You Send a Check to Your Calgary Internet Marketing Company

We all know the easiest way to get help with Calgary Internet marketing – or virtually any service – is to just keep working with the business or vendor you’ve always worked with in the past. That’s not always the best strategy, however, especially if you aren’t getting the service or results you deserve.

Here are three questions to ask yourself before you send another check to your Calgary Internet marketing company:

1. How well do I know them? This doesn’t necessarily refer to a personal relationship, just your level of comfort and familiarity. Specifically, your Internet marketing vendors should be in touch with you on a frequent basis. If they aren’t, it might be a sign that they aren’t paying as much attention to your company as they should be.

2. How well do they know me? Likewise, you should feel like your Internet marketing vendor knows your business – including its challenges and competitors – inside and out. If you’ve never had any in-depth discussions on these topics, or haven’t had them recently, now might be the perfect time to start shopping around.

3. When did my Internet marketing plan last change? At CAYK®, we practice responsive Internet marketing, which means our clients’ plans are changed and refreshed every few months to make sure they are taking advantage of current opportunities. The landscape of business web design and Internet marketing changes quickly; it’s no use having a strategy that’s outdated or ineffective.

Does it seem like you could be getting more for your money by taking your Internet marketing business elsewhere? If so, we encourage you to contact us and see what CAYK® can do for the future of your company and website.

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Why Responsive Internet Marketing Is Only Getting Bigger

Although we were amongst the first Calgary Internet marketing firms to adopt the concept of responsive marketing campaigns, we expect many others are going to follow our example soon. That isn’t just because clients love responsive marketing, or even because of the incredible results we’ve been able to generate for the companies we work with.

The biggest reason responsive Internet marketing is only getting bigger is because the current rate of change in the industry demands it.

To put things another way, search, social media, and online advertising are all evolving at an accelerating rate. Whereas you used to be able to update your website once every few years and stay current, the best practices and strategies now can shift in just a few months. It isn’t enough to simply make a plan and hope for the best – smart companies are anticipating things to look different in the future and knowing that they’ll need to adapt.

In today’s digital world, the choice for companies of all sizes isn’t whether to keep up or not, it’s whether to keep growing and evolving or disappear. Just as there aren’t really many businesses or industries that can thrive without a strong web presence anymore, it may soon be the case that even local retail shops will need to be savvy with things like mobile marketing, local search engine optimization, social media interactions, and reputation management.

All of this change points to responsive Internet marketing that shifts with new tactics and goals on a monthly or quarterly basis. It’s taken a lot of companies – and more than a few Calgary web designers – a while to adjust to this trend, but it’s likely that responsive marketing will soon be the default way of doing business, not a new option.

Talk to CAYK® today and see what we can do for your website and Internet marketing!

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Why You Should Make the Switch to Responsive Marketing in 2014

Existing clients and contacts will already know that CAYK® has been beating the drum on responsive marketing for a couple of years now. As the new year comes into full swing, we are even more confident than ever that this is the best answer for businesses of all sizes to manage their different campaigns.

We hope you’ll make the switch to responsive marketing in 2014, as well, and enjoy a couple of important benefits:

Responsive marketing makes your campaigns adaptable. Is your business the same as it was a few years ago, or even a few months ago? If you’re like most of our clients, the answer is “not really.” That’s because products, prices, and even business conditions change all the time. With responsive marketing, your marketing campaigns can change right along with them.

Why stay tied to a certain set of tools and tactics even if they no longer apply? With responsive campaigns, we help you decide what you need to do to reach customers on an ongoing basis, and then deliver a changing menu of products and services based on what you need.

Responsive marketing is all about results. One great thing about responsive marketing campaigns is that they are driven by results. In other words, we don’t just guess about what you’re going to need going forward, we study analytics and customer feedback to see where you’re making gains, which part of your marketing campaigns could use improvement, and how best to allocate resources going forward.

If you like the idea of getting sharper results without increasing your budget or time commitment, responsive marketing might be perfect for your business.

When it comes down to it, there really isn’t a good reason not to make the switch to responsive marketing this year, if you haven’t already. Why not talk to a member of the CAYK® team and let us walk you through the details?

By David A. West  Join me on Google+