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5 PPC Mistakes That May Be Damaging Your Marketing Plan

Working with PPC platforms like Google Ads can be a highly nuanced and often challenging endeavour. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most essential elements of your marketing plan. If you want to get the most ROI from your ad budget, you’ll want to avoid these five PPC mistakes.

Ad Copy That Doesn’t Stand Out


The copy in a PPC ad is one of the most influential factors determining its CTR. It goes without saying that this text should be persuasive, but many business owners conduct ad campaigns with copy that too closely resembles that of their competitors. Your social media and content aren’t the only things that should express the unique voice of your brand. Your ads should too.

Focusing Too Much on Sales Conversions


Perhaps the most obvious form of conversion is a sale. You’ve officially earned a new customer. As crucial as this is for your bottom line, it’s a mistake to see this as the center of your PPC universe. Countless forms of conversions exist at all stages of the funnel, such as content downloads and email list signups. These “soft conversions” should be part of your strategy!

Bidding Too Broad


Keyword bidding is tricky, so there are plenty of dangerous temptations that business owners give into when trying to make it easier. One that you should be extra careful of is bidding on a higher quantity of keywords rather than opting for quality and precision. For instance, in many situations, going straight for broach match can quickly drain your budget and tank your ROI.

Inadequate or Flawed Remarketing


Each lead goes on a journey when experiencing your brand, and your remarketing technique needs to be designed accordingly. Too many companies approach this without proper segmentation or other essential steps. The ads that a lead or client experiences should dynamically depend on what you know about that person and how they should be re-engaged.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew


Even experienced marketers face difficult obstacles when building and maintaining PPC ad campaigns. It’s not an aspect of marketing that should be taken lightly, yet it’s quite common for business owners to dive in headlong without a precise strategy or without expert help. You’ll always get the most value from your budget when you have a marketing team at your side.

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3 Things That Have to Factor Into Internet Marketing

For a lot of Calgary businesses, the term “Internet marketing” really refers to a list of things the owner has read about or would like to try. There isn’t any harm in experimenting, but a true Internet marketing plan should be more comprehensive and results-focused.

If you want to get beyond individual tools and ideas to think in a bigger-picture sense, here are three things that simply must factor into your short- and long-term Internet marketing plans:

1. Your customers. Although you might not realize it, it is likely that your customers are changing all the time. They may not want the same products or prices they did before. In fact, they may not even be the same customers at all, if you have the kind of business where people tend to come and go. By studying buyer trends, you might be able to adapt your strategies over time to better fit the market.

2. Your business plans. It’s likely that you have business plans that extend beyond what you want to do online. If you have been thinking about expanding to new locations, incorporating new product groups, or raising prices, these are the types of ideas that should be reflected in your ongoing (and evolving) Internet marketing strategy.

3. Your competitors. Most customers have lots of choices when it comes to the businesses they work with. By thinking about what your competitors are doing, and what they might do in the future, you can also envision ways to set your business apart, both on the Internet and in your other sales and marketing efforts.

If you aren’t already incorporating these elements into your regular Internet marketing strategy sessions, now is the time to start taking a wider view. Your business does not exist in a bubble, and so your strategies, budgets, and tactics shouldn’t, either.

By David A. West  Join me on Google+