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Why don’t I see my companies Google Ads when I search?

Why clients will not always see their own ads. Clients want their ads to show up to the most relevant ‘searchers’ during their campaign. The natural response is to open a web browser and start doing Google searches to “check your ads”. If you do this you will decrease the quality score on your ad
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Seasonal Change on the Horizon- CAYK Marketing - Calgary Marketing

Seasonal Change on the Horizon

While spring has sprung in many parts of the world, it hasn’t quite hit yet here, and there is still plenty of time to plan for your seasonal business. If your business relies heavily on seasonal interest, now is your chance to start planning your spring marketing strategy. At CAYK® Marketing, we want to help you
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Benefits of Working with a Google AdWords Certified Partner - CAYK Marketing - Calgary Marketing Company

Benefits of Working with a Google AdWords Certified Partner

Is your company struggling to market itself effectively? Have you thought about bringing on a Google AdWords Certified Partner to help you? If not, you should know that certified partners have been trained to help you design and implement highly effective services and strategies that are up-to-date with the most recent developments in your industry.
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