Why don’t I see my companies Google Ads when I search?

Why clients will not always see their own ads.

Clients want their ads to show up to the most relevant ‘searchers’ during their campaign. The natural response is to open a web browser and start doing Google searches to “check your ads”. If you do this you will decrease the quality score on your ad campaign and your ads may stop showing completely.

Don’t search Google to see your own ads!

If you regularly search your campaign keyword phrases that trigger your ads, but never click on your ads (because that costs money), you will be teaching Google that the ads are not relevant. Google will stop returning the ads in time and you will not see them anymore. Running up ad impressions without clicking on the ads will decrease the quality scores on the campaign and negatively impact it’s overall performance.

Daily budget and cost-per-click may impact your ads showing.

Your ads may stop showing if your daily budget is too low. The campaign cannot obtain more impressions or potential clicks if the daily budget is exhausted too soon.

Location, Location, Location

Your ad campaign will very likely target a specific area. For example, if you want to target all of Calgary only. We can also target areas as small as one area code. If you live or work outside of the campaign location target then you will not see your ads.

What is the best way to see how my campaign is performing?

The best way to understand your ad campaigns performance is to ask your Account Representative for an update. A report will include;

  • Ad Impressions (the number of times your ads have shown in search).
  • The average position of your ads.
  • The “click-through rate” or the number of people who clicked to your landing page.
  • The cost per click and the total cost to date.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your account representative today to book an account review meeting, we’d be happy to further discuss these points. 403-456-0072

Internet Marketing

Seasonal Change on the Horizon

While spring has sprung in many parts of the world, it hasn’t quite hit yet here, and there is still plenty of time to plan for your seasonal business. If your business relies heavily on seasonal interest, now is your chance to start planning your spring marketing strategy.

At CAYK® Marketing, we want to help you set yourself up for seasonal success. To this end we have outlined a few important aspects to consider when planning your seasonal business:

Adjust AdWords AdGroups

The organization of your Google AdWords AdGroups is essential to your success. Depending on what you’re selling, you may have to design several advertising campaigns for each of your products or services. For each of these campaigns you should create an ad group to promote the various types of products or services that you’re offering.

For each ad group, brainstorm a list of keywords that exhibit similar search intent and semantic relatedness. The ads that you write should express the general message that encompasses each group of AdWords. Your ads should also have a strong call to action and they should let the audience know what they should expect when they make their way onto your landing page.

Design New Landing Pages

If you’re operating a seasonal business, it’s important to renew interest when your products or services become relevant once again. If you’re offering any new products this season, now is a great time to redesign your landing page.

If you’re going to be putting out ads highlighting your new offerings, you should make sure that the primary headline on your redesigned landing page matches the ad that your visitors have clicked on to get there.

When designing your new landing page, make sure that your call to action is large and visible. It also helps to locate your call to action above the fold and you should use directional cues to point your visitors back to your call to action using arrows, photos, or videos that point back to your buttons.

Your landing page should be simple and it should clearly be centered on a single purpose. In order to do this you have to make sure to tailor a very focused message. Every element of your new landing page should align with the conceptual objectives you’ve outlined.

Update Site Images

As you get set to ramp up your seasonal business, it makes sense to update images on your landing page. If you don’t have any professional images that help you advertise your products or services, now is a great time to find a professional photographer that can provide you with high-quality images at a reasonable price.

If your starting to get ready for the opening of your seasonal business, you need to think about designing targeted advertisements that help your company capitalize on seasonal interest. If you want to talk about your specific marketing needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!


Benefits of Working with a Google AdWords Certified Partner

Is your company struggling to market itself effectively? Have you thought about bringing on a Google AdWords Certified Partner to help you? If not, you should know that certified partners have been trained to help you design and implement highly effective services and strategies that are up-to-date with the most recent developments in your industry.

The Google Partner program is specifically designed to give agencies like CAYK® the tools and resources that we need to be able to offer the best service possible to our clients. If you’re looking for a team to assist with marketing and brand management, here are few important reasons why you should work with a Google AdWords Certified Partner:


Through their strategic partnership with Google, certified individuals can help you find promotional offers that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Many certified companies, for example, might offer free advertising services in exchange for your commitment to spend a certain amount in AdWords. While many offers are for a limited-time only, many are always available, and your Google AdWords partner will always be up-to-date with the most recent deals.


A Google AdWords Certified Partner will, generally, be able to host special Google events, such as sponsored quarterly client meetings, a Google Engage Event, or a Digital Breakfast. These types of events are great places to pick up useful knowledge and helpful tips directly from Google. It’s also a perfect opportunity to sit down for some face-to-face time with your certified partner to address any questions that may arise.

Access to Industry Research and Product Updates

Google offers the latest information on industry research as well as access to exclusive reports outlining important product updates. When working with a Certified Google AdWords Partner you’ll have full access to a vast array of past and present research through Google’s extensive global databases.

The information available in these databases helps to stay current with the most recent trends and encourages understanding of how these trends affect consumers in a given industry. For an advertiser, access to Google reports on Research Tools, Best Practices, and Performance Research aren’t easy to come by unless you’re a Google Partner. This also affords us the benefit of being among the first to be notified of any product and software updates that are relevant to AdWords and your business.

Access to the Partners Community

Working with a Google Certified Partner will also give you access to an extensive community of experts willing to share advice, opinions, information, and knowledge that will help you advance your business. The community of Google Partners is a great resource for staying on top of the latest policies, products, and software developments that might affect your company.

At CAYK®, we are constantly committed to learning from Google AdWords, as well as industry experts, and connecting with marketing gurus to outline advances strategies that will ultimately prove beneficial for our clients. If you’re interested in discussing our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-<span class="**403-456-0072**-CAYK">***403-456-0072***</span> today!