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How to Handle Negative Reviews

It happens to every business sooner or later – the dreaded negative review! You might think no one will notice the unfortunate comment, but 82% of consumers consult online reviews for local businesses spending approximately 13 minutes reading before making a decision. The negative review will be noticed! It’s tempting to focus on positive feedback and ignore the occasional negative voice but negative reviews affect the decisions customers make, drive down your listing on consumer review sites and have an impact on business outcomes. So, how should you handle that scathing comment?


  • Respond promptly thus limiting damage, showing you value the consumer’s opinion and demonstrating care for customer service.
  • Answer tactfully: Apologize. Appreciate the communication. Empathize without blaming. Express regret and explain the issue using sincere and non-condescending language. You may actually change the customer’s mind and turn the negative into a positive!
  • Be authentic and honest: Do not use a canned response! Customers prefer an honest acknowledgement of a genuine mistake. Address negative reviews in a fair and heartfelt manner.
  • Make a considered response: Collect your thoughts before responding. Find the merit in the review. Remain professional. Make it clear that you are happy to resolve the issue. Don’t ever attack or retaliate!
  • Be appreciative: Negative reviews are actually a good way to keep customers coming back. They give you the opportunity to improve your company’s imperfections and let consumers know how you respond. So, appreciate the writer of a negative review.
  • Take the communication offline: Leave a sincere and thoughtful public comment requesting contact information and asking the best way and time to communicate. Then take the discussion offline. Resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction, then leave a brief comment in the public timeline.
  • Correct the issue: Take negative reviews seriously. Look for ways to improve. Brainstorm solutions and weigh the outcomes. Make the changes needed and then share this with the reviewer. Let customers know that feedback affects your business.
  • Go above and beyond: Consider offering a credit, a gift card or flowers. Send a custom video or image to help improve the reviewer’s perception.
  • Follow up with the reviewer making sure the issue has been remedied. Many customers will take a bad review down when they feel they have been treated fairly and a resolution has been reached.
  • Remove fake/misleading reviews: Some negative reviews are not authentic (written by the competition, a disgruntled former employee, someone who is not an actual customer, etc.). These responses are against most terms of service agreements and can be removed when reported to the proper leadership of each platform.
  • Share reviews with your employees (positive and negative) to ensure similar problems do not reoccur and to build a customer-centric mindset in your company.
  • Monitor reviews: Position your business for success by consistently monitoring reviews and responding when necessary.

Everyone gets negative reviews! Don’t panic. Don’t take it personally. Deal with the situation appropriately and learn from the experience. Make changes when called for.

Need assistance handling negative reviews? Want help with your digital marketing strategy? Call CAYK at (587) 600-8270 or email [email protected].  Allow us to be your very own marketing department! Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, each eager to help your business grow. Contact CAYK today.





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A New Way to Book Appointments: Calendly

Meetings, appointments, phone calls, interviews, presentations, you name it. Running a business without efficient scheduling is simply not an option. There are more scheduling apps out there today than ever, but we’d like to show you one that’s especially practical and powerful.

How Does Calendly Work?

The core function of Calendly is pretty simple. First, you set your availability and scheduling preferences. It then allows you to send a link to whoever you want to schedule with so that they can confirm a date and time based on the information you provided. Upon confirmation, the arrangement is added to your calendar. It’s designed to prevent double-bookings and conflicts, in addition to many other functions that optimize scheduling efficiency. Calendly is offered as a free Basic version or paid Premium and Pro versions. Depending on which one you subscribe to, you’ll get different degrees of versatility from its feature set.

Integration & Compatibility

In addition to its simplicity, Calendly is known for its powerful and practical integration features. It works perfectly in conjunction with Google, Office 365, and Outlook, and with the Pro version you get integration with Salesforce, Stripe, and PayPal. Compatibility is also notable when considering Calendly. Whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device, it’s designed to function on multiple device types. Fortunately, the people you send your invitation links to won’t need to be subscribed to Calendly, ensuring usability for everyone you schedule with. You can even embed it into your website to provide instant access for your visitors.

User Interface

No matter how powerful or sophisticated it is under the hood, a piece of software needs a sharp and usable interface. This can make or break its success as a tool. Fortunately, Calendly is beautifully and ingeniously designed. Its user-friendliness is impressive considering the flexibility and range of features it offers. As mentioned above, the interface works just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop computer. This is a must-have feature for any professional or business owner who needs a practical scheduling solution without having to be at their desk. If it sounds like a tool you’ve been needing, give it a try!

It’s essential to build efficient working relationships with your clients, colleagues, and partners. Of course, you’ll also need to compliment that efficiency with a great marketing plan! Call CAYK today at (403) 456-0072 to find out what other excellent tools and strategies are waiting for you.


Professionally Written Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective digital marketing strategies encompass many things: mobile-friendly design, websites optimized for speed, a strong social media presence, and more. However, none of these would be possible without regularly posted, professionally written content. Content is the backbone of digital marketing strategies because it enables businesses to reinforce their keyword inclusion, remind search engines of their relevance, and build a community of consumers and brand advocates.

Keyword and keyphrase inclusion used to be the simple process of filling a website with as many repetitive phrases as possible. However, search engines quickly adapted, and now businesses must find new ways to include these terms organically. Having a digital marketing agency on your side can be a great help in this regard, as they have a staff of writers trained to tie in keywords and phrases naturally. As well, the more writers work with the same clients, the better able they are to craft a tone that reflects the company’s core values and beliefs, while promoting their superior products and services.

As websites begin to post regular content a strong online community grows and becomes an essential part of maintaining strong brand recognition. Having customers move into brand advocate roles helps a company’s reputation flourish; not just by word of mouth, but also through the many benefits of positive online reviews. As the community grows a good digital marketing strategy can leverage this skillfully and begin to suggest loyalty incentives, holiday events, and more. Eventually a positive cycle begins; with new content being posted and shared within the community creating a positive backlinking profile which, along with many other factors, helps websites climb up the rankings on search engines.

Search engine optimization is responsible for a number of the other factors that help determine a website’s relevance. When a website has lots of content relevant to their business, it becomes better for search engines to recommend them.This is because search engine algorithms are designed to show the websites with the most information so users don’t have to try multiple results to get their information, and when paired with modern website design, professionally written content boosts search engine optimization by presenting regular opportunities to improve your keyword count, geotargeting count, and more.

These are just some of the reasons the phrase “content is king” gets used so often. It increases your chances of climbing higher in search results, strengthens your search engine optimization strategy, and reinforces your social media accounts. Having professional writers available to create and edit specifically targeted articles makes the process of creating regular content simple and easy. Thankfully, digital marketing agencies are well-versed in this process, and provide a format that works for businesses of all sizes. Contact CAYK Marketing to learn more about the value of written content!

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How Google Reviews Affect Search Engine Optimization

In a recent interview, the controversial band Nickelback told an interviewer that had it not been for the word-of-mouth reviews from their fans they would never have become so successful. This can be seen as a pretty strong indication of how important reviews from friends and family can be, and a recent study indicates 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. As a result, it is becoming apparent that online reviews aren’t just critical for consumers, but inbound marketing strategies as well.

Online reviews can speak volumes about the product or service they pertain too. Speaking about how an online review has caused trouble for a local business has become a common news story. Plus, with convenient search functions users can quickly see the best customer experiences and the worst as well. It is functions like these that can make or break a company’s public image, and therefore producing not only quality experiences, but also moderating reviews accordingly is essential.

Furthermore, people are often willing to take reviews at face value. A recent survey suggest that 68% of users will only read 4 reviews before making their decision. This means that having high ratings with good personal experiences showcased can increase the reputation of businesses even more.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also majorly affected by positive or negative reviews. If a website has high quality content, keyword inclusion, easy-to-use design it does help search engines choose the website over competitors, but if the results on the first page show many negative reviews consumers will still shy away from the business. However, reviews can be moderated and maintained at a high standard with the help of a digital marketing agency . And when a business is rated highly, it actually increases the cumulative effects of SEO and helps businesses move closer to the top spot of search results. Encouraging reviews helps to get the ball is rolling and the more organic reviews that appear regularly, the better it is for a company’s reputation.

These are only some of the ways that online reviews can influence a company’s brand recognition. If  websites don’t implement the most current design trends, or if they lack quality content, then it can still be difficult to grow an online presence. Working with a digital marketing agency makes this process simple and straightforward, so that clients can rest assured that the company image they want to portray is maintained while continuing to encourage new leads and digital growth.  

Website Development

Recent Website Design Trends

There was a time not so long ago where a website was considered to be designed well if it had a lot of videos, high resolution images, and CPU-intensive interactive elements. Luckily, recent trends towards mobile-friendly design have caused a shift in the public’s view of what constitutes good design. In this article we look at three recent design trends that can put a company’s website a cut above the rest.

Minimal Design Elements

Minimal design elements encompass a wide variety of best practices. It includes options like flat interface design, edge-to-edge (full width) elements, fewer embed videos and more. All of these elements have arisen from a school of design called web 3.0 design. Web 3.0 design seeks to remove the “visual noise” of old website design so that a company’s products, values, and community can become the centre of attention instead. This allows companies to showcase the things that matter most, their people and their services.

White Space

White space, which is sometimes referred to as negative space, makes use of areas on a webpage that have no specific design element, but instead are purposefully left blank in order to create a specific tone or feeling. White space can be used in a number of ways, from increasing the amount of white space to create elegant, simple and rich web pages; to a very selective use when crafting paragraph blocks in order to ensure an easy-to-read, eye-catching experience. However, it is difficult to use effectively, so it is important to have a skilled team ensure the design is pleasant and functional.

Mobile Friendly Design

Cell phones have become a part of everyday life for our children, our parents, and us. While desktop computers are still used for internet access the mobile market continues to grow, and with it the demand for mobile-friendly websites. Design elements like endless scrolling, responsive mobile friendliness, and others are used to create websites that are functional, fast, and easy to use. As well, with the increasing performance of smartphones users have begun to rely on their phones for instant and useful information. Opening times, ticket prices, navigation, and more should be readily available from a company’s website with one simple search. Mobile-friendly design makes this information easy to find for a search engine, and easy to find for users on the website itself.

These are just three ways to boost a website’s visibility, modernity, and practicality. However, it is important to remember that understanding what makes a website look good doesn’t mean it is easy to implement. Fortunately, digital marketing agencies, like CAYK Marketing, have years of experience in website design, and love to take on new challenges. Plus, with their talented staff of writers, developers, marketing professionals, and more they can help with all of the other aspects as well.

Website Development

Does Your Website Still Represent You?

As someone who operates a business, you’re probably well aware that a company is prone to develop and evolve in various ways over time. Whether it’s brand image, philosophy, or range of products and services, things change. Are you willing and able to adapt your site accordingly?

The Dangers of Being Outdated

Many business owners are so busy with day-to-day operations that they probably don’t pay much attention to how their site represents them online. When you get carried away by the hustle and bustle, you’re more prone to overlook a gap that might be developing between what your company does and what its website says. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you don’t pay close attention. Then, before you know it, a potential client is calling you to ask if you can provide a certain product or service listen on your site, only to find out from you that you no longer do. This is a pretty good way to lose business.

A Changing Company

It’s particularly common for business owners to forget to update their site with regards to what exactly they offer, but this isn’t the only possible misstep. It can also be a matter of brand identity. You may pay a visit to your site for the first time in a while and realize that the design and function of the site is not only outdated on a technical level, but also no longer aligns with the tone and style of your current voice as a company. It may list staff members who are no longer with you, or could fail to exude the great company culture that you’re proud to have perfected over the years. These are all incredibly important to bear in mind.

A Changing Environment

Even if you keep your website up-to-date to reflect the nature of your company, you’re not out of the woods yet. There is also the question of how modernized your site is to keep up with current standards in design, usability, SEO, and more. Once again, if you’re understandably caught up in the intensive work that it takes to run a company, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s expected of you in this department. Your design should be intuitive to navigate, responsive and mobile-friendly, and enhanced with eye-catching visual content. It may seem tough to keep up with on your own, but with the right team of professionals to help, it’s far more approachable.

One of the many principles at the core of the CAYK philosophy is that the online world is dynamic and fast-paced. If you want to stand out from others in your industry and foster growth for your company, you’ll need to keep up. Call (403) 456-0072 and we’ll make sure that you do!

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Why Your Business Needs to Be on Social

There’s a lot of talk about social media in the digital marketing world, and for good reason. It has revolutionized the way that people, organizations, businesses, and cultures connect with one another online. If your business hasn’t caught on in this department, here’s why it’s so critical.

Starting on the Right Foot

If there’s one thing to look towards in order to get an idea of how powerful the rise of inbound marketing has become, it’s social media. Outbound techniques simply aren’t what they used to be when applied on their own, and the community-based, two-way immediacy of social media marketing really brings this into focus. Truly appreciating social media as a technology means starting from the fundamental assumption that it is a modern standard for how companies interact with their audiences and experience growth today. From there, fulfilling its potential is simply a matter of exploring its myriad functions and possibilities.

A Window into Your Audience

One of the most challenging aspects of bringing in a consistent stream of new and loyal clients is figuring out who exactly your leads are. How can you anticipate their needs? What will they be looking for, and what is the best way to ensure that they’ll see and prefer you before all the others? Gaining insight into your audience is critical, and while it may not seem like a key function of social media, it certainly is. Thorough strategies such as social listening, you have access to a massive quantity of data via social media that you can analyze in order to better understand who to reach and how to reach them.

How Success Happens

It always pays off to delve into the deeper functions and capabilities of a tool until you’ve reached a level of fluency that will leave your competitors in the dust. All of the best brands have taken command of Facebook to engage with their followers and leads in discussions that improve their reputation and draw traffic towards their site by sharing relevant and stimulating content. They’ve learned to implement Twitter to make intelligent use of hashtags and keep an eye on trending terms and topics. They’ve utilized Instagram and Pinterest as versatile palettes for the expression of their visual identities. You’ll only be on the right track if you follow suit!

If your business hasn’t fully harnessed the potential of social media, it’s a lot more within reach than you might think. All it takes is to team up with the right marketing agency. Get in touch with the CAYK team at (403) 456-0072 to find out how we can enhance your marketing efforts!

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Google AdWords 101

AdWords is one of the most important tools in today’s marketing landscape. Every day, it connects millions of users to the products and services that are right for them. Meanwhile, it enables business owners like you to reach the right leads. Here’s what you need to know.

The Basics of PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) refers to a web-based advertising practice wherein you, the business owner, pay a certain amount of money each time an ad you’ve created is clicked by a lead. Google has implemented this model for its AdWords service, which is the most widely used PPC tool out there today. It allows companies like yours to set a fixed budget for a certain period of time, create ads which appear in Google search results depending on relevant search terms, and pay depending on the number of users those ads bring to your site, as well as the value of the terms and other factors.

Why It’s Essential

Some businesses may choose to operate without a PPC strategy for a number of different reasons. Ultimately, it’s up to the business to determine what’s right for them. However, as a team of marketing professionals that has worked with companies of many different types and sizes, we can tell you with absolute certainty that it makes a big difference when used properly! An effective and well-informed AdWords plan is the perfect companion to an intelligent set of content and SEO practices. The detailed and real-time nature of its metrics and analytics tools are indispensable resources that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Working With a Google Partner

For someone who hasn’t spent a significant amount of time working with it, AdWords can appear to be an overwhelming mess of data and uncertain decisions, even feeling like a gamble at times. However, if you’ve gone through the steps to understand its inner workings at a truly competitive and professional level, it’s nothing less than a precise and versatile powerhouse of outbound marketing techniques. If you work with a Google Partner who is certified in accordance with Google’s highest standards, you’ll certainly be getting the most bang for your buck!

AdWords may be one of the key resources that marketers and businesses utilize today, but it’s certainly not alone. Combining it with other tools and strategies is how you build a formidable marketing strategy, so give CAYK a call at (403) 456-0072 to make it happen for you!

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What Should You Implement for Your Marketing Plan This Year?

Now that you’ve had a month or so to pick up momentum, it’s important to remember that having a lucrative year requires getting started on the right foot. Marketing is about establishing actionable objectives, so a look at some key categories should be just what you need.

SEO & Content

Every successful year in the life of your business requires a gameplan for the content you will create and how effectively you work toward greater search visibility. Start by asking yourself a few questions like where is your company located in search rankings for key terms related to your work? If a lead searches the name of your company, how complete and legitimate is the information that comes up, including review sites, Google Knowledge Graph, and others? Are you regularly publishing useful and accessible content in your blog? Improving on-page SEO should also be an ongoing and consistent effort!


PPC can be a tricky endeavour. Its immediacy tends to lead business owners to expect a lot from it and to get great results as instantaneously as possible. While Google’s AdWords tools do allow you to quantify the effectiveness of your decisions quite promptly, one thing you should keep in mind at the beginning of each year is that it is a constant process of self-assessment, observation, and improvement. Most importantly, you’ll benefit most from implementing a PPC strategy that is managed by AdWords-certified marketing experts. This is when you’ll really be able to maximize ROI.

Social Media

When considering new ways to apply today’s social media tools to your marketing plan, there are a few things to consider. First among them is how diverse and complicated the world of social media can be. There are new tools and new functions being introduced all the time, so if you dive in head-first without a concrete plan, you’ll probably end up confusing yourself and your audience. This means that you should apply social media techniques not based on how cool or new they are, but based on how applicable they are to a given objective that you’ve already identified as necessary to your growth. Always operate with purpose and you’ll get better results!

Digital marketing is a massive toolbox waiting to be utilized for the growth of your business. The CAYK team is waiting to help you get the most out of it. From SEO and AdWords to social media and beyond, give us a call at (403) 456-0072 to get started!