Sales Is Not a Process, It’s The Framework Your Business Is Built On

Sales Is the Framework Your Business Is Built On
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A sales strategy can inform you about the steps that need to be taken to close a lead; however, a good sales framework will inform you on how you should take those steps. It is important to have a set of guidelines that will help to navigate how your company communicates with its customers. These guidelines in turn can advance your sales strategy to boost your company’s success.



Your Business Needs A Sales Framework

The sales framework that you create is one of the most fundamental pieces of your overall business strategy. There is a lot of advice out there that says as long as you have an organized plan, a solid process, and a bullpen full of sales representatives that know your products and solutions inside and out, you’re set (but not quite)! The issue with this is that most sales strategies are focused on internal strategies. This means that they don’t focus on the messages and skills that your company representatives need to communicate the company’s value to your prospects and customers. A good sales framework needs to address “how” you sell in addition to “what” you sell.



Building An Effective Sales Framework

The sales process involves personal interaction between your company and consumers and consumers are one of the most crucial components of any business. The better you can understand your customers and communicate your company image to them, the more customers you can retain and this increases the chances of a successful business. When considering the sales process of your company, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

How Will Your Business Interact With Customers?

Focus on building a relationship with your customers, listening to what your customers want, and developing good customer service standards. When customer interaction is done right, can be an excellent way to increase sales, brand loyalty, and retain customers.

What Is Your Sales Process? 


It is crucial to understand the steps that your company will take to show the company’s culture, values, mission, and vision to reflect in its sales process. It is important to know what you are doing for your customers, and how you are speaking to them and interacting with them to reflect the company’s values. 


Are You Optimizing Your Sales Process? 


There is always room for improvement! Optimizing sales processes ensure that you are doing the best you can to leave a lasting impression on the person that you’re shaking hands with. It means revisiting your strategy to identify gaps and see if you can do something additional to improve the strategy. Optimizing your sales process will take your sales strategy to the next level and reflect in the overall ROI.


Marketing Supplements Your Sales Strategy


Marketing is an important piece of the sales process as it influences a target audience to pick one brand over the other, while also being a tool that can help to effectively close deals. Marketing helps users or visitors convert by phoning, filling in a form, or visiting a company’s website. However, closing that lead is a whole separate process that  requires good communication and a thorough understanding of consumer needs and wants.

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