How To Target Competitors’ Audience On Facebook?

how to target competitors audience on facebook
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Facebook and Instagram have some of the best targeting options for marketers. In fact, the platform allows businesses to target over 1.5 billion people! When you tap into the correct custom audiences, you can amplify your results and achieve successful campaigns repeatedly. Targeting your competitors' audience on Facebook can be a powerful strategy to connect with potential customers who are already interested in similar products or services that your business offers. Read below to learn how you can target your competitors' audience on this platform.

Define your competitors on Facebook

Among the extensive pool of Facebook advertisers, it is safe to assume that there are several competitors within your niche. It is necessary to know the assets your competitors are utilizing and how well they use them. This is equally applicable when managing Facebook Ad campaigns. You can supercharge your Facebook Ad campaign by targeting the audience of your competitors' pages.

Find the specific Facebook pages you want to target

When targeting your competitors' audience on Facebook, the first step is to learn who your competitors are and who their target audiences are. The following are some suggestions to help you find competitors' Facebook pages:

Facebook pages of brands or public figures: Think of brands and public figures within your industry, locate their Facebook pages, and add them to your list.

Facebook pages in ‘search': Type your relevant keywords into the Facebook search query and select pages. You can also browse this list for pages associated with your industry.

Related pages: Visit a Facebook page relevant to your industry and search for “pages liked by this page” or “related pages” on the sidebar. These options will allow you to discover new competitor pages.

Facebook Audience Insights: When utilizing Facebook Audience Insights, incorporate interests that are in line with your business. Click the ‘page likes' tab to see the list of pages that people with similar interests have liked. Facebook sorts this list by affinity score to signify relevance and give consideration to pages with a high affinity score.

Use Facebook Page Insights to research content resounding with your target audience

Using Facebook Page Insights will allow you to gather inspiration and research information. Having this information can help in determining the type of engagement your competitors are receiving from their audience. It is then possible to formulate ways to adapt your Facebook Ads strategy depending on the type of engagement your competitors are receiving. Study the ways relevant channels and your competitors engage their audience that move them along the sales funnel- these insights can be used to create unique strategies to target your competitors' audience on Facebook.

Create ads for your competitors' audience

Getting the focus of your competitors' audience is more about mapping their interests and attributes and less about directly targeting relevant page fans. This allows the expansion of Facebook Ad targeting capabilities. Optimizing one's Facebook ads for the competitors' audience can be highly effective and it is worth testing for your business.

Use A/B Split Testing to determine the most profitable audience

Conducting A/B split testing allows marketers to identify the most effective audience segments for optimizing a business's ad campaigns. With valuable insights into your competitors' audience and their interests that were obtained from the page list data, Facebook's split test audience feature is highly effective for precise targeting.

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