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What Is SSL and Why Do I Need it? - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Company - Featured Image

What Is SSL and Why Do I Need it?

You want your business data to be secure. Criminal elements want your data to make a quick buck. They put businesses at risk by intercepting communications between a website and its customers; compromising credit cards, stealing identities and looting data. One-quarter of organizations experienced a breach of customer and/or employee

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Page-Specific Remarketing - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Featured Image

Page-Specific Remarketing

What is remarketing? Remarketing is a technique that involves displaying ads to consumers who have previously interacted with your website or used your mobile app. A remarketing strategy allows you to stay connected to your target audience while building brand awareness. You can remarket through the use of YouTube, Gmail,

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Dynamic Search Ads - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Featured Image

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are an ad format that enables you to catch relevant searches based on the titles, frequently used phrases and product listings on your website rather than keywords. The Google search engine crawls your site and matches to search terms closely related to the content it finds. When

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Weather-Based Ads - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Featured Image

Weather-Based Ads

The weather has a large influence on human behaviour, including buying behaviour. Temperature, humidity, snowfall, and, especially sunlight, can affect retail sales. In fact, only the state of the economy has a bigger influence on purchasing! The weather influences the food & drinks industry, automotive, clothing & fashion, travel, hospitality,

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Why Brand Ad Campaigns are Important

Creating a great product or service is not enough to attract customers. Traditional advertising of your goods/services is often not enough either. Your company needs to build trust to create lasting relationships with consumers which requires a multitude of advertising campaigns. Brand awareness campaigns need to be at the top

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How to Handle Negative Reviews

It happens to every business sooner or later – the dreaded negative review! You might think no one will notice the unfortunate comment, but 82% of consumers consult online reviews for local businesses spending approximately 13 minutes reading before making a decision. The negative review will be noticed! It’s tempting

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