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Three Things We’re Thankful for Here at CAYK

Remember when we said that relevant seasonal content helps you connect with your leads and customers? We’d like to follow our own advice by getting into the Thanksgiving spirit and letting you know how thankful we are for what we do. Here are three things we couldn’t do it without!

An Awesome Community of Business Owners

There’s a lot to love about Calgary, but its community of business owners is one of the things we love most. Over the past eight years, our team has accumulated a portfolio of clients who are not only admirably hard-working and principled entrepreneurs, they also happen to be a delight to work with. CAYK has had the privilege to develop inbound digital marketing strategies for small family-run operations, rapidly-growing international businesses, and everything in between, all springing from a vast array of industries. Throughout this process, we’ve been fortunate enough to have countless truly enjoyable experiences. It makes us love what we do!

Our Top-Notch Marketing Team

Of course, none of those experiences would have been possible without having the finest and most talented marketing team we could ask for. You can’t be a full-service holistic marketing agency if you don’t have great minds driving it forward. Our team is the engine that keeps our operation running to its fullest potential and the very reason why our clients get the best results from their marketing plans. From content creation to customer care, from web design and development to SEO and AdWords, the CAYK crew possesses a skill set that is as finely tuned as it is diverse. No company should take their team for granted, and we certainly don’t.

Today’s Inspiring Digital Tools & Strategies

With sophisticated yet accessible tools around every corner, troves of valuable information to tap into, influential thought leaders eager to share their knowledge, and sharp new strategies taking shape all the time, there’s never been a better time to be a marketer. At CAYK, it has always been one of our highest priorities to help our clients benefit from the latest and greatest approaches. While selecting the best tools and strategies may be no small feat, it’s always an enlightening experience for us and the businesses we serve. We couldn’t be more thankful for a marketing community that is as inspiring, dynamic, and challenging as it’s ever been.

Happy Thanksgiving from CAYK! We’re always eager to express appreciation for you, and we hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones during the holiday. As usual, if you want powerful marketing solutions for your business, call (403) 456-0072 and we’ll make it happen!

Company Updates

Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!

2017 has been yet another highly rewarding year for the CAYK team. Not only have we joined forces with so many great new clients, we’ve strengthened our relationships with those who have been with us for years. It’s only right that we take some time to enjoy this holiday moment!

A Thank You to Our Clients

First things first: We owe a deep sense of gratitude to all of the businesses we’ve had the fortune of working with, both this year and in years previous. Without them and their hard work, CAYK wouldn’t be what it is today. Not only are they the lifeblood of our operation, they keep us inspired and motivated, as every professional bond we build with a local company reminds us of just how diverse the needs and goals of our clients can be. This continuously informs our approach and, most importantly, pushes us to be the dynamic marketing team that our community needs.

The Importance of Appreciation

Why is it so essential for us to be thankful for what we do and who we do it for? This can be such a fast-paced industry that when you’re at your busiest, it’s easy to take for granted everything that makes it worthwhile in the first place. Many marketers get stuck in this mindset and forget to celebrate their work and the people they serve, and this is bound to have a harmful effect on the working dynamic between them and their clients. It’s our aim to avoid this at all costs, as a strong and personalized connection is everything.

What Lies Ahead

Just as we always have, CAYK and its sister companies will go into the New Year aiming to provide all of the most essential digital marketing services to businesses of many types and sizes. Whether we’re guiding you towards higher click-through rates on your PPC campaigns or helping you combine inbound marketing automation with CRO, we’ll be there to make your goals a reality through a holistic approach and a community-focused philosophy. In our line of work, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon, so join us on our journey towards real growth!

On behalf of everyone on the CAYK team, enjoy your holidays! This can be a busy time of year for many businesses, so don’t hesitate to call us at (403) 456-0072 if you’re in need of holiday marketing help. We’re closed from the 25th to January 3rd, so we hope to hear from you soon!

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InBound Methodology Certification

As an important aspect of Marketing Automation, the newest service offered by CAYK Marketing, we’re making sure that our advisors are trained in InBound Methodology. Today, we’re happy to say that yet another of our team members has earned her HubSpot Certification!

Congratulations to Dakota on achieving your InBound Certification.

Marketing Automation is a passion of ours, and we believe it’s important to recognize how it goes beyond the software platform. You need to right people leading and managing the project to draw your audience in.

To learn more about CAYK’s marketing automation service, please visit

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September 2015 – Google Events

We have several events planned in September and hope that you will join us.

Starting on the 10th, we are hosting a webinar to follow up the Google Mobile Friendly Update that occurred in April. This is an easy one for people to join us right from their own desk!

Do you eat breakfast? The Digital Breakfast with Google on September 23 will be right up your alley. Join us at the Willow Park Golf & Country Club for breakfast and meet our Google Agency Representatives.

Winding up the month on the 30th, we are hosting our 3rd Google Partners Connect. This is a casual meeting over coffee – a great opportunity to network. During this event some of Google’s top Advertising professionals will stream in LIVE and present on the most current trends in digital marketing.

I hope that you will join us. Call me if you have any questions at <span class="**403-456-0072**-CAYK">***403-456-0072***</span>

David A. West
CAYK Marketing Inc.

CAYK WEBINAR | Post Mortem: Google’s Mobile Friendly Update | Sept 10, 2015 at 11am | Join David West and Melissa Gregory online for what promises to be a very interesting 35 – 45 minute seminar.
Register here –>

BREAKFAST with GOOGLE | Sept 23 at 7:45am | Join David & the CAYK team as we meet “live” at the Willow Park Golf Club. Meet our Google Agency representatives and be exposed to some of the most current information available about digital advertising –> Limited Seats –>
RSVP here –>

GOOGLE Partners Connect | Sept 30, 2015 at 9:30am | Join us, in person | The Internet gives every business a chance to achieve success. We’d like to invite you to join our agency for a Google event designed to help you reach your business goals online. It’s a great opportunity to learn from digital marketing and advertising experts about how to grow your business online. –>
RSVP Yes here –>