Internet Marketing

Does AdWords Actually Work?

Some digital marketing tools and practices can be a bit complex and prone to inaccurate assumptions. Google AdWords is a good example, and the issue of its effectiveness in particular is something we think is worth talking about!

The Assumption

When speaking with potential clients, it’s quite common for us to receive requests for marketing plans that exclude an AdWords strategy. This is usually due to a disbelief in the effectiveness of ads, as many people feel that search users do not click on them. However, these conclusions usually come from a gut feeling rather than metric evidence. It may seem intuitive that users is more likely to click on organic results, but this makes the mistake of overlooking the numbers. When putting together a strategy, we like to sit down with our clients and demystify this system, discount the myths, and set the record straight.

Why It’s Inaccurate

One of the strongest illustrations of the popularity and effectiveness of AdWords campaigns is actually found in the Google business model itself. Did you know that 96% of their revenue comes from AdWords and AdSense? That says a lot about the popularity and everyday utility of ads doesn’t it? The other key point to keep in mind is that unfavorable results are connected more closely to inefficient use of the tool rather than the tool itself. The budgeting, writing, managing, and analyzing of campaigns leaves plenty of room for error, so it all comes down to who’s at the wheel.

Making AdWords Work for You

If AdWords has continuously been proven to generate leads, what do you need to make it work? The answer is simple: a qualified and dedicated team. The CAYK team is AdWords certified, having been extensively trained in all of the most critical aspects of PPC. This training is maintained by yearly exams and we are in touch with two Google representatives on a weekly basis. We’ll be there to give you detailed and actionable metrics on all your KPIs, providing a clear and promising path to more business for your company!

At CAYK, we know that addressing any doubts or concerns you have about the marketing process is the first step in putting together the perfect strategy for your business. Still have questions? Give us a call at 403-456-0072 today and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Internet Marketing

How Has Marketing Changed with the Evolution of the Internet?

Considering how significantly practices have changed, the marketing landscape certainly isn’t what it used to be. So how exactly did we get from the earliest billboard ads in 1867 to the latest infographics in 2015? Let’s look back on how things evolved and what this can teach us about our practices today and in the future.

How it Happened

Between the late ‘60s and late ‘80s, a growing system of government and university computer networks was inaccessible to the general public. Then the early ‘90s came around. With the creation of the World Wide Web, user-friendly browsers, and Internet service providers, the super-network of networks we call the internet had suddenly been democratized on a huge scale. A new way for people to connect with one another meant a new way for businesses to communicate with their audiences. In a matter of less than twenty years, typical practices went from the intrusiveness of spam email to the dialogue-driven communities of social media.

What It Meant Then

The central characteristic that marketing through print, telephone, radio, and television have in common is the outbound approach. Most of marketing history can be distilled down to this concept. As a result, the practice of marketing before the Internet often operated on the underlying idea that a business is an isolated organization, which interacts with people of the outside world to become successful. The potential of the Internet would serve to almost entirely eliminate this dynamic as a concept and unify companies with the people they serve in direct and mutually beneficial ways.

What It Means Now

Now that social media, content, and engagement have become so central to marketing, the result is a focus on the importance of online and in-person communities. So how do we make sure these communities stay strong and allow our businesses to succeed in the future? Our best bet is to be diligent in keeping a close eye on how things continue to evolve. Understanding the means of marketing involves understanding how people connect with the world around them. In such a connected world with so much development, there’s a lot to adapt to!

Whether it’s hard analytics or insights into the history of web-based technologies, CAYK strives to understand the dynamics of marketing from as many angles as possible. If your business is looking to broaden its marketing horizons, give us a call at 403-456-0072 today!