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The Good and Bad of PPC in 2015

Pay-per-click advertising, through Google’s AdWords program or elsewhere, often leaves newer marketers confused. On the one hand, it’s a virtually instant way to attract visitors to a website, but on the other, it’s not just as easy as writing a few ads and watching the sales come in.

So should you be adding or expanding PPC advertising to your Internet marketing mix? Let’s look at the good and the bad…

The Good in PPC Advertising

There is a lot to love about PPC advertising in 2015, including:

  • The fact that PPC ads and campaigns are incredibly fast and easy to set up. You could have new leads coming to your site within just a couple of hours.
  • There are now more pay-per-click opportunities than ever before, including image ads, social ads, and Google Remarketing.
  • PPC advertising lets you test ideas and target markets very quickly, and without spending much money.

The Bad News on PPC

It’s not all great news, though. There are a few downsides to PPC these days, such as:

  • Pay-per-click has gotten a lot more competitive. You’ll have to work harder to win visitors, and it’s easy to waste money if you aren’t careful.
  • More advanced advertising options mean more time spent envisioning and maintaining campaigns. Expect that it’s going to take a little bit of work.
  • Even though paid traffic still converts at a high rate, some searchers and users seldom click on ads. That means you should supplement PPC with other activities.

So, Is PPC Worth Your Time and Money?

What you probably really want to know is whether PPC is worth the time and money. It absolutely is, but it’s important to get things right if you want your campaign to be a profitable one. Talk to the Google-certified team at CAYK® today to see how we can help you put together a set of ads that gets the job done.

Internet Marketing

Revisiting Last Year’s Resolutions

For a lot of business owners, “get on top of Internet marketing” is right up there on the New Year’s resolution list next to “lose a few pounds” and “join a gym.” It’s something they truly want and intend to do, but never quite seem to get around to.

So are you one of the thousands who decided to get more active with blogging, search engine optimization, social media, or pay-per-click advertising in 2014? And did you actually get around to doing it?

If you haven’t – or just feel like now is the right time to start growing your business online – we have some good news for you: It’s not as difficult, expensive, or time-consuming as you might think. In fact, if you’re thinking about making a new web marketing resolution, here are a few things you should know:

Internet marketing isn’t that complicated. Although there are a lot of buzzwords and statistics thrown around with Internet marketing, the ideas are still simple. The goal is just to identify your potential customers, bring them to your website, and then get them to make a purchase or an inquiry.

It’s OK to start small. You don’t have to start with a massive Internet marketing campaign all at once. In fact, it’s often better to begin with what you know and work your way up from there.

Having the right creative team makes all the difference. You want good advice, strong web designs, and marketing messages that help you stand out in a crowd. To get those things, you need to have creative and experienced minds on your side.

The sooner you get started, the better off your business will be. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start enjoying more sales (and stop falling behind your competitors who already have Internet marketing plans in place).

If you don’t have a comprehensive and effective Internet marketing plan in place, you’re placing your business at a huge disadvantage and putting your future income into doubt. Regardless of what kind of products or services you offer, you can bet people are going to be looking for it on the Internet and turning to Google to find out more about your company. What will they find?

If it’s time to revamp your marketing strategy with an eye toward getting bottom-line results, get in touch with the team at CAYK® today!

Internet Marketing

The One Internet Marketing Resolution You Need to Make in 2015

Want to significantly boost the results you see from your Internet marketing efforts in 2015? Tired of spending lots of money on a website but feeling like you aren’t getting enough in return?

Either way, there is an easy way to fix the problem. Your 2015 New Year’s resolution should be simple: to make the switch to responsive Internet marketing.

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog (and we recommend it, because we post lots of informative articles you can use to grow your business), you’ll already be familiar with the concept. If not, the idea’s pretty simple: Responsive Internet marketing is a system where you don’t just pay for a package of services like ads or blog posts. Instead, you work with your creative team to find the right solutions for your business one month or quarter at a time.

By being more flexible, and focusing on the results you need instead of the specific activities you use, you get a couple of important Internet marketing advantages over your competitors:

You get better Internet marketing with the same budget. Usually, when we meet with a new client, we find that they’ve been paying for Internet marketing activities that haven’t been effective, or that they no longer need, for quite a while. Responsive marketing plans take the waste out of your budget.

Your Internet marketing plan adapts to your needs. No business is the same year after year. Goals and products change, as do competitors and economic factors. Why not change your Internet marketing plan along with them, especially when the best ideas around search engine optimization and social media are always changing?

In other words, responsive Internet marketing just makes sense. It’s the best way to get more from your budget and to put the focus on results.

Talk to our creative team about responsive Internet marketing today and see how we can develop a custom plan around your business and website.

Internet Marketing

A Holiday Season Internet Marketing Guide For Non-E-commerce Websites

When it comes to the holiday season – at least from an Internet marketing perspective – e-commerce sites and online retailers get all the attention. That makes sense, given that most of them make the majority of their annual profit during the few weeks between mid-October and the end of December, but what about everyone else?

Just because Cyber Monday isn’t a big deal in your business doesn’t mean you should ignore Internet marketing during the holidays, or that there aren’t some changes you can make to your business website. In fact, here are a few details you definitely shouldn’t overlook in December:

Updating your company’s schedule and hours. If you’re going to have limited availability during December, or close down your office or retail shop altogether, make sure your website and social profiles reflect that fact. Otherwise, you could disappoint customers and cause them to take their business elsewhere.

Adding notes about shipping or response times. The same goes for things like shipping times on new orders and customer service response and delays. Buyers will be a lot more forgiving if you let them know about any expected waits in advance, so give them early notice.

Preparing for any big January plans. Lots of businesses like to announce new programs and ideas at the start of a fresh calendar year. Why not give your most important customers a taste of what’s to come, or ask for their feedback to ensure you’re going to be on the right track?

Wishing your customers a happy holiday season. No matter what business you’re in, relationships are important. Why not send a quick holiday season’s greeting to your customers to let them know that you’re thinking about them and are grateful for their business?

Looking for commonsense Internet marketing help for your business? Get in touch with CAYK® today and let us show you what we’ve done for other companies that needed business web design and Internet marketing in Calgary.

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The Proven Formula for Web Marketing Content

Do you know how to generate great web content that attracts buyers and convinces them to do business with you? Most Calgary businesses don’t, but the principles are incredibly easy to learn.

In fact, all you have to do is follow our proven formula for creating web marketing content:

First, you start with a hot topic. No one wants to read about something that bores them, so choose a topic that’s exciting to the kinds of readers you want to pull in. It can be especially helpful to tie your content to current events or trending ideas.

Then, you give it a great title and opening. Give your content a strong, bold title and a hook that makes people who are previewing your content feel like they couldn’t possibly pass your article or page up. There are a lot of different ways to hook readers in, and any of them work so long as readers feel like they have to know what you’re going to say next.

Third, you mix information with keywords. Remember, your content is designed partly to attract search engine visitors and partly to get them interested in what you have to sell. That means mixing keywords and current information with a little bit of sales talk. Finding the balance gets a lot easier with practice.

And finally, you turn readers into customers. Make sure no one leaves your page without knowing how you can help them solve a problem in their life. If you want people to buy from your website, end your article by asking them to do so. It can only help your results as lots of people view your content over time.

If your Internet marketing plan isn’t as strong as it could be, let CAYK® help. We’re Calgary’s leaders in responsive marketing… call today and ask us why!

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Could You Pass an Internet Marketing Road Test?

Have you ever found yourself driving down one of Calgary’s streets, getting into a near accident with another driver, and shaking your head at them in disbelief… only to wonder whether you actually had the right of way when you think back on the incident later?

While those kinds of situations are thankfully rare for most of us, the point remains that the farther we get in life from the time when we had to take our first driving test, the more we tend to forget the little tips and rules of the road we were given so long ago.

The same thing occasionally happens with Internet marketing. Because the day-to-day process of gathering traffic, converting leads, and analyzing costs can be so overwhelming, it’s easy to forget about the fundamentals sometimes. That’s especially true when you consider that search engines, social media sites, and even best practices around things like email are changing all the time.

My suspicion is that a lot of us – even those of us who deal with Internet marketing on a daily basis – would struggle to pass a “road test” on the basics. That doesn’t mean we aren’t good at our jobs, just that it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on with Internet marketing these days.

So, how can we do better? And more important, how can we be more profitable without devoting inordinate amounts of time to education and review? Here are a few handy tips to follow:

  • Once a quarter, spend a few hours reading about the Internet marketing subjects (like SEO or PPC advertising) that are most important to your company
  • Pay attention to what you hear web designers, other marketers, or even teenagers talking about since it could be the “next big thing”
  • Ask yourself from time to time whether your Internet marketing seems to be accomplishing its most important task: attracting qualified buyers and turning them into leads or customers

Being out of practice when it comes to Internet marketing is understandable, but it’s also important that you don’t waste time and money that your company could be using more effectively elsewhere. Why not talk to the staff at CAYK® today to see if we could help you grow your business over the web?