Humans Buy With Emotion First And Logic Second, What’s Your Story?

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When you are in the process of buying something, it will often involve using your logic and emotion. What many people don't know is that the purchasing decisions that you make involve emotion first and then logic second. This makes emotion a valuable tool for advertisers and marketers alike as it allows them to connect with consumers and ultimately drive engagement and sales.

Emotions Drive Purchase Decisions

Most people feel a sudden rush of emotion when they are close to making a purchasing decision. When we think thoughts like: “I love this house” or “I love this bag” that is our emotional brain speaking and it wants to push us closer to making the purchasing decision. The trigger for this response is most likely something that evokes an emotional appeal within us and then we make a decision to buy it. When we make a decision, emotions from our past involving similar experiences have an influence on the options that we are considering and these emotions generate preferences that then shape our buying decision.

Logic Justifies The Purchase Decision

There are many studies that show that we only apply logic when we want to justify how we spend money and more especially when we have yielded to our wants already. This makes human emotion a potent tool and the major factor in what you decide to purchase next! If you want more people to notice and buy your product, you must learn to appeal to their emotions first. People will tend to research and want to learn about the product and fellow competition during the process but once this foundation is in place their emotions will influence their decision.

The Power Of Emotion In Decision-Making

When deciding whether or not to buy a product, our brain doesn't only think about facts and figures surrounding the investment. It is also considering other ideas like how we feel about the product and the memories it evokes- these thoughts are processed in the brain along with the costs. Realizing that there is a strong emotional factor in making purchasing decisions helps to guide us through the buyer's journey.

Everyone is attracted to some brands more than other brands in the same way they are attracted to others' personalities more than others. Product packaging, word copy, and visual imagery are utilized to describe the brand and contribute to its overall personality and emotional appeal. For example, consumers prefer brand-name products over no-name products because of the emotional link they have to them. We could save money if we buy generic brand products but we choose not to!

Build Brand Emotion To Increase Consumer Engagement

Creating an emotional representation of the company is essential as it builds emotional links to influence how a consumer feels about a product. This emotional link in turn will push the consumer towards action as humans are compelled to react to emotion (for example, buying the latest smartphone to support one's positive self-image). When the emotional of a brand is rich and plentiful, people are more likely to buy and become loyal customers. You will want to give the shopper more than just product features and factual information to help build this emotional link that will eventually lead to purchasing decisions and drive sales.

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