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WOW! Women Weekend Facebook Privacy Settings Handout

Thank you to all the ladies that attend the social media session presented by Claudette Stiven at WOW! Women Weekend. Below you will find the Facebook Security settings that were discussed during the presentation. Facebook Fast Facts Facebook Statistics As of June 2013 there are 1.5 billion monthly users The average Facebook user has 130 friends People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook Employs over 5,299 people

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Is Your Calgary Internet Marketing Company Changing With You?

Several years ago, a monumental shift took place in the Calgary web design industry: Companies like ours started realizing websites alone weren’t enough, and began offering bundled Internet marketing packages to clients. Since then, designers and business leaders alike have come to see that it takes a lot of different elements, working together, for a website to be successful. Some of the most common and important include: Company blogs Search engine optimization campaigns Social

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Why Your Marketing Plan Needs to Change on a Regular Basis

If there is one sure-fire way to guarantee your marketing won’t be successful, it’s to stick with the same plan for months and years on end. As lots of businesses have learned the hard way, things change on a regular basis, and even tactics that work exceptionally well in the past sometimes go stale. That really shouldn’t be surprising. After all, by definition a successful marketing plan changes your company

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Two Things Clients Love About Responsive Marketing

More and more Calgary businesses are turning to us for responsive marketing, and it’s no surprise – since we started rolling out these programs, owners and executives have seen it as a smarter way to accomplish their bottom-line goals. That’s because responsive marketing focuses on what you need for a given period of time, which can change and evolve, rather than working towards a certain number of web pages or blog posts, for example.

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