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At CAYK Marketing®, we stand behind the idea that it's not the tool you choose but how you use it that really matters. Consider, for example, the numerous web browsers available. From default browsers like, Internet Explorer and Safari, to Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, there are numerous options available, but they all work mostly the same. More importantly, a proficient internet user can accomplish anything they need to do on any of those browsers. Marketing automation software is similar. There are numerous options from Hubspot, Pardot, and Act-On to Marketo, Thrivehive, and (one of our personal favourites) Sharpspring. But, as long as you have a software that provides the functionality your business needs, they all work similarly enough. Your MA/CRO advisor can help outline the differences in software and discuss which one is the best fit for your business.  

The Right Marketing Automation Software is Only the First Step

Once you've found the right tool, making it work for your business is the hard part. Marketing Automation software generally works as a monthly subscription. You pay for a license to use the software, but nothing happens unless someone is actually going in to the program, learning how it works, and implementing the automation. Many marketing automation softwares even have full courses that a person should really take to become certified before they begin. This creates a high bar of knowledge and expertise before your business can even start taking advantage of the software.

Go Straight to the Experts

At CAYK Marketing®, our MA/CRO experts are certified in several of the most popular marketing automation softwares. This means your business has the flexibility to choose the right software for your needs without having to train someone in your office to figure out how these complex tools work. Our certified team members can begin implementing your MA/CRO plan immediately, so your business begins benefitting from the power of marketing automation from the first day. Beyond that, our marketing team will work with you closely to create quarterly campaign initiatives, like downloadable resources, presentations, video, online seminars, events, and more. These initiatives serve to attract new visitors to your website, identify anonymous visitors and convert them into named contacts, and to retain current clients. Our quarterly initiatives act as a lens for precisely focusing the power of marketing automation. There are few things as frustrating as spending your marketing dollars on a software that isn't being used to its full potential. Initiatives takes full advantage of both your marketing automation software as well as our expert, professional designers and writers who will help to create the unique materials for your initiative each quarter. Having our entire team at CAYK ready to serve your business for every initiative is what truly sets our MA/CRO program apart from basic, software solutions. CAYK's MA/CRO program is more than just a software. It's expert implementation, a talented team of designers, writers, and programmers, and a dedicated account advisor who is always ready to serve your business. To learn more about how our MA/CRO program can benefit your business, contact our Calgary marketing team online today or give us a ring at our office — 403-778-7656.

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