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Do people in calgary actually click on ads? Yes! You want relevant visitors to come to your website. You want the visitors to be at the right stage of their buying process and you want them to become your potential client. You ask yourself and maybe your colleagues, “does pay-per-click advertising work?“. And then the problem begins… nobody ever admits that they click on Ads. In fact some people will go to great lengths to explain to you how they avoid online ads.
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Here is the Facts about PPC advertising

Google Partner Accredited pay-per-click services
Google, the leader in online advertising, is one of the wealthiest companies in the World. The great majority of it’s annual income comes directly from selling advertising. Their market cap was listed at $383 billion dollars in May of 2014 (Reference). Google employs nearly 48,000 people. That simply would not happen if people didn’t click on ads.
People do click on pay-per-click advertisements. Period.

Relevant Visitors Lead to Potential Clients

There are several formats of paid advertising available to business owners. They all hold varying degrees of relevance.

Google Search Network

Google Adwords Qualified IndividualGoogle AdWords are highly relevant ads that are triggered by people searching on the Google Search Engine. Google picks which ads to display similar to how it chooses the organic search results. That means you can trust that your advertisement is only shown to individuals in your market who are looking for your product or service. A potential customer searches with a keyword phrase, see an engaging and relevant ad, and clicks through to a well-written and applicable landing page… it just works.

Google Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network or GDN is made up of millions of websites. Display advertisements can be shown on these websites. They can be beautifully designed images, well-written text, animated images and even video!
Google Display Ads ShownYour display advertisements are shown only on websites that are contextually relevant to your offering. Your campaign keywords, ads, ad ranking and other targeting are used to ensure your ads only show to people that ‘can relate’. In other words, your ads are contextually relevant. Try doing that with a bus bench or a billboard!


Remarketing is a form of display advertising that is very powerful. As soon as we describe it to you, you are going to slap your forehead and say, “ah, that’s how they do that… that’s been happening to me too!”
You work hard to attract visitors to your website. They find you in organic search, they click on ads, and you attract them through social networking. When visitors come to your website they get added to your remarketing list. Once they are on your remarketing list we have the ability to show them your display advertising… almost everywhere they surf!
Here is an example of a Google Remarketing Campaign that has received 1.5 million impressions and 24,019 return visitors to the website.

Social Advertising

It seems like just yesterday that we would ask our clients, “Have you heard about Twitter yet?” Those days passed pretty darned fast. Now all of the major social networks give us the ability to target your display advertising campaign. Targeting social network users based on past behaviour, likes, interests etc. is a great way to get your brand in front of potential clients.
Here is an example of a post worthy of promotion on Facebook – “The team at CAYK® is pleased to announce that we have achieved the status of ‘Google Partner'”

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and pretty much every social media site out there has some facility to boost pages, boost posts, run contests, and engage their users.

InStream Video Advertising

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube? Sorry, skip that question. Of course you have. The fact is that YouTube (owned by Google) is the second most frequented search engine on the internet. You know when you go to watch a video and that pesky pre-roll video runs and you are forced to watch it for at least 5 seconds. And then you forget why you were there in the first place and you end up watching the entire video pre-roll… darn it! That pre-roll video is an advertisement called an InStream video.
InStream videos are highly effective because they only run when the context is relevant.

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