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When Social Media Marketing Combines with Performance Data Community Development Becomes Easy

With hundreds of millions of people in North America regularly turning to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to catch up with friends and colleagues, social sites have become one of the most popular ways to look for products, reviews, and recommendations. Although businesses of all sizes are just beginning to find ways to take advantage, the Calgary social media marketing team at CAYK® can help you ensure that your message cuts through the clutter and reaches the buyers who need to find you most.
A Whole New Way to Grow Your Business Over the Internet
What makes social media marketing unique, even for search engine optimization, is that it doesn’t just allow you to reach a potential buyer at a moment when they’re thinking about your product or service – but also to qualify them by identifiable personal and professional traits. In other words, you can find exactly who you’re looking for, and exactly at the moment that they are looking for you.
CAYK® can help you take advantage of a number of social media marketing tools, including:

  • Promoted tweets that are optimized for both viewings and conversions
  • Pay-per-click ads on Facebook that allow you to target only the potential customers you really want to reach
  • Social network marketing opportunities through Google, which let you reach buyers more consistently as they research vendors and options
  • The creation of strong social media profiles, along with ongoing monitoring and updates, so you can make the most of every new relationship

Helping you to use social media marketing to make a splash now, and grow your business later, is at the heart of what we do.
Let’s Start Building Your Social Media Marketing Network
The first and most important step in creating your social media marketing plan is getting to know your company, doing a needs analysis, and putting the pieces in action. All it takes to get started is a quick phone call or e-mail, so reach out to us today. The trend towards social media marketing is one of the most important we’ll ever see in business…use this chance to grow your business with it.

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