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Throwing content writing at a blog without measuring its benefit to your clients, spending money on advertising management without an analytics framework sophisticated enough to quantify your return on advertising spend, giving money to an SEO but never knowing if you’re seeing value from the service, or hiring a marketer who has fantastic skills, but can’t be expected to be an expert self-managing the many facets of a successful marketing department. These are some of the common pitfalls that your organization might be experiencing before you decide to work with a Marketing Company.


By choosing an organization instead of hiring, you will no longer be limited to the capacity and capabilities of an individuals skillset,  will not find yourself with staff AND service providers, and will often spend less than the cost of hiring as well.


By choosing to work with a local marketing company, you will no longer feel a lack of cohesive marketing strategy or the distinct pull of multiple service providers each vying for your time.

By choosing CAYK as your Marketing Company in Calgary, you will have data-driven proof of the success of your organization’s marketing, success measured in dollars and cents, instead of impressions and clicks.


By embracing CAYK as the drop-in replacement for an in-house marketing team that we’ve built our marketing company to be, you gain a marketing department with leadership that focuses on the goals of your organization proactively.


As a multi-generational and family-owned marketing company Calgary, we’ve had nearly three decades to hone our craft,
and we understand that impressions don’t cover expenses.

A Marketing Company That Focuses on Outcomes, Not Tactics

The ever-changing world of marketing can lead you to incredibly targeted, cost-effective ways to reach exponentially more customers than ever before… or leave you trying one approach after another looking for a winning combination. At CAYK® we can help you to stop churning through marketing service providers as each year goes by. We combine an intimate knowledge of individual marketing tactics, from search engine optimization, real-world and digital advertising managment, or social media marketing, with our specific strength in the development of custom marketing analytics data capture solutions.

With our roots in the custom application development space back in the early 90’s, we go beyond marketing tactics, leveraging data solutions we developed ourselves, alongside a focus not just on results, but on the impact of those results; their ability to achieve your organization’s goals.

“Focusing on outcomes” means working with a marketing agency that goes beyond the “smoke and mirrors” all too common in the marketing industry. It means ensuring every tactic deployed measurably moves you towards your desired future state.

Stop mixing and matching tactics with little regard to strategy,

Stop spending your marketing budget without data to prove success,

Stop feeling pulled in multiple directions. By choosing the Marketing Agency Calgary that is prepared to help you continue to grow towards your goals.

By requesting a consultation with us, you are under no obligation, you will have no costs or fees to pay, and we always strive to ensure that you receive value in exchange for your time.

Request a Consultation with CAYK® now! It’s time well spent, and we would love to help you transition from tactics to strategy, and from strategy to the goal outcomes you’re striving to reach.

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