Website Design & Development

“Do you have a website?”

This is one of the most definitive questions in modern commerce. As consumers deal with more choices in who they can choose to do business with, research becomes a vital part of the decision-making process, whether they’re doing a quick Google search, looking at previous reviews, or confirming what services and products you offer. A modern website designed with user functionality in mind, with a concise breakdown of what you offer and what sets you apart from competitors, and appropriately optimized for search engine optimization, can be the difference between gaining or losing online leads. Contact us to learn more about Website Design today!

A Website Says a Lot

75% of consumers say they’ll determine the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. This is because a website says a lot about your company, and on multiple levels. In the more obvious sense, it tells visitors what you offer, why you’re different from others who offer the same things, and even the story behind how your business came to be.

It also delivers an unspoken message. If your site is outdated and difficult to navigate, it says that you don’t truly value the quality of the experience you provide.
If it’s not one of the 94% of business websites that are mobile-friendly, it says that you don’t mind missing out on all that precious mobile traffic, which accounts for half of all web traffic worldwide.Even if these things aren’t true and your principles are all in the right place, your visitors won’t know it if your website doesn’t show it. In less than a second, it defines countless first impressions and will make or break countless conversions & sales. At CAYK, it’s our mission to make sure that your site says all the right things in all the right ways!

High-Conversion Landing Pages

They say life moves pretty fast. We could say the same about the leads visiting your website. In fact, more than half of the average user spends less than 15 seconds on the average site. Clearly, people have no time to waste when finding the products and services they need. So how are you going to turn all those visitors into nurtured leads and customers if they’re so eager to leave? By enhancing your site with CAYK’s high-conversion landing pages, of course!

Let’s say you’re running some great PPC ads with solid click-through rates. You’ve also secured an impressive amount of visibility in search results thanks to your SEO & content strategy. Even your social media strategy is on fire, capturing the attention of your online community. Great work! You’re bringing a steady and substantial flow of traffic to your business website. Is this a magic recipe for the new customers and increased loyalty you’ve been dreaming of? Not without high conversion rates, and not without carefully-designed landing pages!

The CAYK team is here to help you hit the bullseye with this pivotal aspect of your business website. We believe in the persuasive power of both tactful marketing strategy and skillful web design, and the right landing pages are the perfect way to put them together. It better enables your site to turn new visitors into high-quality leads, new leads into new customers, and existing customers into loyal patrons. Contact us to learn more about Website Design today!

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