CAYK Ethics & Policies

We are committed to continuously improving and delivering honest marketing advice and services. We beleive that ethics in business, along with the policies which result from those ethics are critical to ensuring the selection of an agency whos values closely align with your own. For this reason, we choose not to hide or obscure these parts of our organization, and instead choose to proudly display them.

We are a marketing agency driven by "heart on our sleeve" marketers

The team at CAYK has been trusted by organizations like yours for decades. We believe in being sincere and realistic when providing consultation to our clients, friends, and peers. This tenure of sincerity in business, along with the experience gained over thousands of projects, has allowed us to formalize our organization’s values.


We work in an unregulated business sector that has unfortunately given unscrupulous pseudo marketers an opportunity to take advantage of business owners and enterprises alike. Some may be willing to say darn near anything to get your business – we are not. 

Personally Identifying Information (PII) &
The Right to Privacy

With nearly everyone vying for your attention online, we completely understand the need to value and protect our client’s privacy. As advertising management is one of our core strengths, it is natural that we have developed our own privacy policy to recognize the trust that our clients place in our agency.

Global, legislated, privacy and information handling compliance

We have studied and applied standards such as the stringent European Union GDPR. We are compliant with the US Can-Spam Act as well as the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). This is where you want to go if you are looking for information on PIPEDA, CASL, CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and how we help to ensure our clients remain in compliance.

3rd Party Advertising Guideline

Even though online marketing is an unregulated industry, Google offers a program that demands quality and transparency from third party advertisers, giving you peace of mind. As a Google Partner, we are careful to adhere to these program policies. From how our management fees are disclosed, through to the copy we use in ads, these requirements ensure that Google Partners are following best practices in the campaigns we setup and manage. This ensures that you to choose a marketing agency with integrity.