Advertising & Optimization

At CAYK, almost every member of our team is a Google Adwords Certified specialist, but when we need answers relating to Google advertising and best practices, we turn to Travis.

As the first member of CAYK to get his adwords certification, Travis helped to train the rest of our team, and he lends his expert opinion to every advertising campaign run at CAYK. Travis is a vital part of our advertising department, and he spends most of his time working within each Adwords account to improve and optimize your campaigns. Travis brings an unparalleled focus and perfectionism to CAYK. He’s willing to sink in as much time as necessary to get you the results you need, and he isn’t satisfied until your campaign is in peak condition.

A researcher at heart, Travis spends nearly all his free time at CAYK studying. If Google changes its best practices or has any new suggestions for advertisers, Travis will know about it. He also reviews CAYK’s clients’ websites for onpage optimization. His recommendations often involve writing or reviewing web content to create better, more relevant articles for ad landing pages.

When you choose to run an online ad campaign with CAYK, you can guarantee that Travis will be monitoring and improving your ads. He’s here to help you optimize your business website for advertising and to connect you with those who are searching Google for your product or service.