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Your Social Media Marketing Options

When it comes to assembling a successful approach to social media marketing for your business, there are a lot of paths you can take. Because of this, knowing where to even begin can be a bit tricky. That’s what we’re here for!

Doing It Yourself

One option that many businesses attempt to take on is to manage their social media strategies on their own. The idea behind this is typically to save on expenses, as social media seems like a component of marketing that is intuitive enough to take care of independently. However, what these businesses often fail to take into account is that social media is more complicated than meets the eye. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, the diversity of social media resources is overwhelming, and operating each arm of your strategy on your own can take away precious time from other aspects of your business.

Not Doing It at All

Some business owners believe that the world of social media is not relevant or helpful to what they do, or that they do a fine job connecting with the community as it is. We can understand the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, but it’s important to consider how this route will rob your company of untapped marketing potential, not to mention new business. There is always a new segment of your community that you can become seamlessly connected with through one social media platform or another. If you don’t take advantage of this, you’ll lose out to your more connected competitors!

Hiring the Right Team

Last but certainly not least, some companies recognize the importance of social media and know that it will deliver the best results when proper time, resources, and skill are dedicated to it. To these business owners, it has become clear why a team of experts can be so valuable. Lack of presence becomes clear to your followers faster than you’d think, leading to an image of low personal investment and interest. This is the opposite of what social media is all about! With a devoted agency there to design a personalized strategy, you’ll experience a whole new level of connectedness with your community.

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The Benefits of Investing in Owned Content

With today’s accessibility to social media, many companies are using native advertising in the form of suggesting Facebook posts or promoting tweets that link to online publications that advertise their services. Often, the content of these publications doesn’t come directly from the company itself.

Owned content is a growing trend that promotes the use of original videos, blog content, a functional and responsive website, and active social media channels to extend your business reach. The content can really come in any form as long as it is original and authentic to you.

Recently, Twitter and Google announced a marketing partnership designed to reward businesses for advertising with original content. As Google searches remain the primary driver of traffic for most websites, the partnership will highlight how social media strategies can be used in tandem with search to achieve greater levels of content engagement.

For businesses, this means you’ll be able to significantly expand the reach of your content, as popular tweets linking back to original, owned content will now show up directly in Google’s search results. On the other side, this means that companies need to be even more aware of the content they post on Twitter, as an even larger audience will now have access to that content.

While this development is great news for real-time marketers, it also underscores the importance of companies creating unique content that doesn’t piggyback on the heels of others. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in owned content:

You’ll Retain Control of your Brand

When you have a say in the content creation side of your marketing effort, you’ll have more freedom to tailor your brand to your company’s unique goals and preferences. This will also increase your ability to eventually expand your business’ online presence as you grow.

It’s Cost-Effective

Embarking on the quest to write and channel your own content is actually considerably more cost-effective than many other forms of advertising. If your schedule’s too busy to write the actual content yourself, you can always hire a reputable copywriter to create content for you at a reasonable price.

You’ll Be Able to Cater to your Niche

You should have the best idea of the markets you’re trying to serve, how the products or services you offer serve those markets, and how your online presence captures your market segment. Therefore, you have the greatest ability to cater your original content and social media accounts to attract your desired niche.

Although creating owned content may require more time and maintenance than traditional, native advertising, the benefits of having your own original content far outweigh the costs. Maintaining creative control of your brand, reducing advertising costs, and catering to niche markets are just a few of the advantages of investing in owned content this year.

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