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How Agile Marketing Plans Change Over Time

If you have spoken with a member of our team lately, you have undoubtedly heard quite a bit about our agile marketing strategy, which changes and adapts over time to meet your ongoing needs. For some clients, that sounds wonderful in theory… but how does it work in real life?

Here are two quick examples of the way that an agile marketing plan might shift over time:

A company might transition from building online opportunities to maintaining a top position. For instance, it may take months or years to reach one of the best positions on Google for a particular search phrase or term. Once you have that position, though, your focus might shift from passing up your competitors online to maintaining your lead over them – a subtle but important distinction that involves a new set of tools and activities.

The marketing plan could evolve to reflect new tools and best practices. Only a few years ago, search engine optimization was considered the biggest priority for any online marketer. Now, social networking is almost as important, and there are other factors (like mobile web design) that need to be accounted for as well. With agile marketing, you don’t have to worry that your marketing plan is going to be out-of-date, because you can naturally adjust your mix of products and services during regular meetings with your design team.

When you really consider it, agile marketing is almost always going to be a great thing for any organization, because it allows for the kind of natural evolution that takes place when you aren’t tied to a specific set of contracted activities.

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4 Things That Should be a Part of Your 2012 Online Marketing Plan

As many of you contemplate your plans for 2012, it’s likely that you’ll consider an expanded (or least revised) online marketing plan for the new year. It just makes simple economic sense: In a tough economy, what better way to grow your business than by employing high return on investment strategies to find new customers? And where can you find new buyers more cost-effectively than the Internet?

Since a lot of you have probably already reached the same conclusions on your own, let us help you take the thought process a little bit further. Here are four things that should be a part of your 2012 online marketing plan:

Search engine optimization. Although this may already be a big part of your business, don’t take your foot off the gas now. Competition for the top spots on Google, Yahoo, and Bing is only increasing, as are the rewards. Accounting for some 3 billion searches a day between them, the major search engines are still your biggest source of online traffic and revenue, if only you’re ready to take advantage of them.

Blogging. Starting and running a company blog seems to have fallen out of favor a little bit in the past two years. Not because it doesn’t work, but because it isn’t as easy as a lot of business owners and executives imagined it would be. Make 2012 the year that your blog becomes a valuable resource, both for your clients and your online profitability.

Social media. Most companies, large or small, have already come around to the fact that they can’t ignore the hundreds of millions of potential customers to be found on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But most aren’t updating their profiles and responding to requests consistently enough, and are also failing to take advantage of new advertising opportunities like sponsored tweets and Facebook PPC ads. Depending on your industry and products, these could be very high-profit avenues, so don’t let them get away in 2012.

Online videos. YouTube is showing billions of videos each and every day, and customers are learning to look there for advice, customer service, buying recommendations, and other important decisions. Make sure that your videos are well produced and featured on sites like YouTube, your company website, and even your social profiles in the coming months.

Of course, keeping on top of any one of these – much less all four of them – could easily keep a full-time employee busy. Why not work with cayk – one of Canada’s fastest-growing online marketing teams – to make sure you’re getting the quality and results you need?