How Is Voice Search Affecting SEO?

SEO has become a second-nature aspect of marketing a business and bringing in new leads. However, as with any component of your strategy, SEO is evolving as time goes on. Voice search is playing an increasingly prominent role in the current landscape, so how do you adapt?


Voice & the Rise of Mobile


There’s no question about it — mobile devices have had profound effects on the way that users discover brands. We speak often about the importance of having a responsive, mobile-friendly site, but voice search is another factor in this phenomenon that shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether taking place on smartphones and tablets or devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, the immediacy and sophistication of voice search is increasingly preferable for users today. Considering the fact that the majority of searches take place on mobile, it will probably come as no surprise that 50% of searches are projected to be voice searches by 2020.


How It Affects Your Content


Voice searches are syntactically distinct from traditional text-entry searches. They tend to manifest as long-tail keyword phrases and using natural, conversational speech. It will be wise to adapt the style of your content accordingly. Additionally, remember that voice-driven search features and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa respond to many types of queries by reading the featured snippets at the top of results pages. Work towards optimizing your content to respond to queries that begin with trigger words like “what” and “how”, offering concise and useful snippets of information that Google is more likely to yield during a voice search.


Localization & Directories


Another factor to keep in mind when adapting to the advent of voice search is how swiftly users can locate and learn more about you. Let’s say someone says “car mechanic near me” or “Joe’s Auto Shop reviews”. These are two of the more common applications of voice search, and in the case of the latter, the virtual assistant being used will typically announce the average rating of the establishment and number of reviews. Make sure that your business has a strong presence on directory services like Google My Business and Yelp, not to mention thorough reputation management. Don’t fall behind on optimizing your business for voice searches!


Our mission is not just to build comprehensive, holistic marketing strategies for businesses in Canada and the U.S. It’s to see those businesses thrive. If you want your company to reach its full potential for growth and transformation, we can help. Call (403) 456-0072 to find out how!

Website Development

How Often Should You Refresh Your Website Design?

In the current landscape of digital marketing and web design, every company website has a shelf life. The question is, how far can a site take you before a new design is needed? There’s no single rule to apply for everyone, but these tips should help you determine when it’s time.


Look at Your Metrics


How is your company’s website doing with regards to lead generation, site engagement, and conversions? If you’re having trouble accumulating the number of new leads you’re aiming for, or if you’ve got plenty of traffic but a low rate of conversion, these are key landmarks to use when determining when to redesign your site. Even if your social media, SEO, and PPC efforts are bringing in a high volume of visitors, all that work will be for nothing if the look, functionality, and content of your company’s online headquarters doesn’t quite solidify faith in your products or services. Analytics tools are more accessible and powerful than ever, so use them!


Pay Attention to Current Standards


In addition to learning from the metrics that illustrate the effectiveness of your site, being aware of today’s standards will give you a better sense of when an overhaul is needed and what it requires. Is all of your company’s contact information plainly visible on all pages? Is your site responsive and mobile friendly? Does it match up with modern criteria for usability and readability? Are the latest SEO strategies integrated properly into both frontend and backend aspects of your site? If you’re missing any of the key ingredients that define contemporary web design for businesses, this is a strong indicator that a refresh is in order.


Trust the Experts


The secret to carrying out timely website redesigns doesn’t lie entirely within the your site itself. It is also a matter of having a strong collaborative dynamic with an experienced team of marketing and web design experts. The right people will be there for you on a consistent and reliable basis to examine your analytics, keep an eye on current standards, and apply this information exactly as often as necessary. For business owners who want to maintain a powerful, high-converting, growth-boosting website without having to exceed the limits of their company’s time and manpower, external help can be a serious lifesaver!


Is your website in need of a fresh and exciting new design? That isn’t the only thing the CAYK team can help you with. Our comprehensive, holistic approach to digital marketing can take the visibility and growth of your company to new heights. Call (403) 456-0072 to learn more today!

Online Marketing

Why Your Business Should Review Its Analytics and How We Can Help

No marketing strategy is complete without a sophisticated set of analytics tools. Google Analytics, for instance, is one of the most dependable and versatile resources for analyzing and revising your business’ marketing efforts. So why exactly is this such an important endeavour?

The Importance of Analytics Reviews

If you want your marketing plan to give you the ROI you need, the last thing you should do is work in the dark. Reviewing your analytics on a consistent, routine basis supplies you with the insights necessary to maintain a clear picture of your performance and sharpen your decision-making. Without this kind of maintenance, you’ll be left with little more than guesswork when you need to know how well your PPC ad campaigns are paying off, how effectively your SEO efforts are supporting your search visibility, and other vital marketing factors. Actionable data derived from analytics reviews should be at the core of your strategy.

Key Metrics

So, when you’re keeping an eye on the health of your company’s marketing strategy, what metrics should you be looking for? Conversions are a critical example. Once you’ve configured your analytics tools to look out for certain conversion goals — such as a product purchase, a newsletter subscription, or an appointment booking — you can monitor how dependably your company’s site is helping you meet those goals. Traffic sources, meanwhile, will inform you of the places that your visitors are coming from, while your landing page data will be indicative of which pages your visitors are arriving on and in what numbers.

Need a Boost?

The only thing better than a flexible, powerful toolset like Google Analytics is an experienced marketing team to help you apply it. Properly gauging and improving your performance can be highly involved work, so it’s not the best idea to dive into this in tandem with everything else involved in operating your business. In addition, the tools may provide you with the data, but using that data to shape your marketing decisions is another story altogether. Teaming up with our skilled specialists, particularly those who can guarantee consistent scheduled reviews, will empower your company to maintain the best strategy possible.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of what analytics tools are capable of. At CAYK, it’s our mission to present you with the finest marketing tools and help your business get the most out of them. Call (403) 456-0072 to learn more about how we can strengthen your marketing strategy!

Website Development

3 Hot Website Design Trends

Your website is an opportunity to encapsulate the products, services, and core identity of your business into one distinctive online space. Doing this properly often requires that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to web design trends. What should you watch out for in 2019?

Bold, Creative Graphics

These days it’s increasingly popular to use prominent, attention-grabbing text and and large, beautiful images or even background videos, especially on home pages. Micro animations are also excellent for enhancing the experience of navigation, whether you use them for buttons, menu items, or the loading of images. Think carefully about how geometry and colour strategy can direct the eye, perhaps using the single-page format to engage and captivate your visitors from top to bottom. Infographics, meanwhile, are perfect for thoroughly conveying key messages to your audience with both precision and a visually stimulating sense of fun.

Further Focus on Mobile

The rate of mobile web search has far surpassed that of desktop devices. It’s no passing trend, so you should double down on your efforts to make the mobile version of your site as impressive and marketing-efficient as its desktop counterpart. This is one of the key reasons to pursue responsive design. Your SEO strategy is incomplete without accounting for the role of responsiveness and mobile friendliness in rankings. If you’re an ecommerce business, it’s especially important to optimize the shopping experience that your site offers for tablet and smartphone visitors. More mobile search means more mobile shopping.

Voice Search Optimization

Plenty of businesses appreciate the importance of mobile-friendly design in SEO, but one factor that many are bound to neglect in 2019 is voice search optimization. You don’t want to be one of them; Comcore has projected that up to 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2020. Whether it’s Google’s Voice Search, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Amazon’s Alexa, the various methods for voice search are adding up to a serious transformation in the way that leads discover brands. Efforts such as keeping content concise and maximizing pagespeed can help in this department, but there’s a lot more to explore, so you’d better get started!

Few factors determine the perception of your business as significantly as your website. CAYK has the technical experience, creative skill, and knowledge of current trends to deliver a site that will help to boost your growth. Call (403) 456-0072 to learn more about what we can do for you!

Calgary Marketing News

A New Way to Book Appointments: Calendly

Meetings, appointments, phone calls, interviews, presentations, you name it. Running a business without efficient scheduling is simply not an option. There are more scheduling apps out there today than ever, but we’d like to show you one that’s especially practical and powerful.

How Does Calendly Work?

The core function of Calendly is pretty simple. First, you set your availability and scheduling preferences. It then allows you to send a link to whoever you want to schedule with so that they can confirm a date and time based on the information you provided. Upon confirmation, the arrangement is added to your calendar. It’s designed to prevent double-bookings and conflicts, in addition to many other functions that optimize scheduling efficiency. Calendly is offered as a free Basic version or paid Premium and Pro versions. Depending on which one you subscribe to, you’ll get different degrees of versatility from its feature set.

Integration & Compatibility

In addition to its simplicity, Calendly is known for its powerful and practical integration features. It works perfectly in conjunction with Google, Office 365, and Outlook, and with the Pro version you get integration with Salesforce, Stripe, and PayPal. Compatibility is also notable when considering Calendly. Whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device, it’s designed to function on multiple device types. Fortunately, the people you send your invitation links to won’t need to be subscribed to Calendly, ensuring usability for everyone you schedule with. You can even embed it into your website to provide instant access for your visitors.

User Interface

No matter how powerful or sophisticated it is under the hood, a piece of software needs a sharp and usable interface. This can make or break its success as a tool. Fortunately, Calendly is beautifully and ingeniously designed. Its user-friendliness is impressive considering the flexibility and range of features it offers. As mentioned above, the interface works just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop computer. This is a must-have feature for any professional or business owner who needs a practical scheduling solution without having to be at their desk. If it sounds like a tool you’ve been needing, give it a try!

It’s essential to build efficient working relationships with your clients, colleagues, and partners. Of course, you’ll also need to compliment that efficiency with a great marketing plan! Call CAYK today at (403) 456-0072 to find out what other excellent tools and strategies are waiting for you.


Professionally Written Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective digital marketing strategies encompass many things: mobile-friendly design, websites optimized for speed, a strong social media presence, and more. However, none of these would be possible without regularly posted, professionally written content. Content is the backbone of digital marketing strategies because it enables businesses to reinforce their keyword inclusion, remind search engines of their relevance, and build a community of consumers and brand advocates.

Keyword and keyphrase inclusion used to be the simple process of filling a website with as many repetitive phrases as possible. However, search engines quickly adapted, and now businesses must find new ways to include these terms organically. Having a digital marketing agency on your side can be a great help in this regard, as they have a staff of writers trained to tie in keywords and phrases naturally. As well, the more writers work with the same clients, the better able they are to craft a tone that reflects the company’s core values and beliefs, while promoting their superior products and services.

As websites begin to post regular content a strong online community grows and becomes an essential part of maintaining strong brand recognition. Having customers move into brand advocate roles helps a company’s reputation flourish; not just by word of mouth, but also through the many benefits of positive online reviews. As the community grows a good digital marketing strategy can leverage this skillfully and begin to suggest loyalty incentives, holiday events, and more. Eventually a positive cycle begins; with new content being posted and shared within the community creating a positive backlinking profile which, along with many other factors, helps websites climb up the rankings on search engines.

Search engine optimization is responsible for a number of the other factors that help determine a website’s relevance. When a website has lots of content relevant to their business, it becomes better for search engines to recommend them.This is because search engine algorithms are designed to show the websites with the most information so users don’t have to try multiple results to get their information, and when paired with modern website design, professionally written content boosts search engine optimization by presenting regular opportunities to improve your keyword count, geotargeting count, and more.

These are just some of the reasons the phrase “content is king” gets used so often. It increases your chances of climbing higher in search results, strengthens your search engine optimization strategy, and reinforces your social media accounts. Having professional writers available to create and edit specifically targeted articles makes the process of creating regular content simple and easy. Thankfully, digital marketing agencies are well-versed in this process, and provide a format that works for businesses of all sizes. Contact CAYK Marketing to learn more about the value of written content!

Search Engine Optimization

How Google Reviews Affect Search Engine Optimization

In a recent interview, the controversial band Nickelback told an interviewer that had it not been for the word-of-mouth reviews from their fans they would never have become so successful. This can be seen as a pretty strong indication of how important reviews from friends and family can be, and a recent study indicates 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. As a result, it is becoming apparent that online reviews aren’t just critical for consumers, but inbound marketing strategies as well.

Online reviews can speak volumes about the product or service they pertain too. Speaking about how an online review has caused trouble for a local business has become a common news story. Plus, with convenient search functions users can quickly see the best customer experiences and the worst as well. It is functions like these that can make or break a company’s public image, and therefore producing not only quality experiences, but also moderating reviews accordingly is essential.

Furthermore, people are often willing to take reviews at face value. A recent survey suggest that 68% of users will only read 4 reviews before making their decision. This means that having high ratings with good personal experiences showcased can increase the reputation of businesses even more.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also majorly affected by positive or negative reviews. If a website has high quality content, keyword inclusion, easy-to-use design it does help search engines choose the website over competitors, but if the results on the first page show many negative reviews consumers will still shy away from the business. However, reviews can be moderated and maintained at a high standard with the help of a digital marketing agency . And when a business is rated highly, it actually increases the cumulative effects of SEO and helps businesses move closer to the top spot of search results. Encouraging reviews helps to get the ball is rolling and the more organic reviews that appear regularly, the better it is for a company’s reputation.

These are only some of the ways that online reviews can influence a company’s brand recognition. If  websites don’t implement the most current design trends, or if they lack quality content, then it can still be difficult to grow an online presence. Working with a digital marketing agency makes this process simple and straightforward, so that clients can rest assured that the company image they want to portray is maintained while continuing to encourage new leads and digital growth.  

Website Development

Recent Website Design Trends

There was a time not so long ago where a website was considered to be designed well if it had a lot of videos, high resolution images, and CPU-intensive interactive elements. Luckily, recent trends towards mobile-friendly design have caused a shift in the public’s view of what constitutes good design. In this article we look at three recent design trends that can put a company’s website a cut above the rest.

Minimal Design Elements

Minimal design elements encompass a wide variety of best practices. It includes options like flat interface design, edge-to-edge (full width) elements, fewer embed videos and more. All of these elements have arisen from a school of design called web 3.0 design. Web 3.0 design seeks to remove the “visual noise” of old website design so that a company’s products, values, and community can become the centre of attention instead. This allows companies to showcase the things that matter most, their people and their services.

White Space

White space, which is sometimes referred to as negative space, makes use of areas on a webpage that have no specific design element, but instead are purposefully left blank in order to create a specific tone or feeling. White space can be used in a number of ways, from increasing the amount of white space to create elegant, simple and rich web pages; to a very selective use when crafting paragraph blocks in order to ensure an easy-to-read, eye-catching experience. However, it is difficult to use effectively, so it is important to have a skilled team ensure the design is pleasant and functional.

Mobile Friendly Design

Cell phones have become a part of everyday life for our children, our parents, and us. While desktop computers are still used for internet access the mobile market continues to grow, and with it the demand for mobile-friendly websites. Design elements like endless scrolling, responsive mobile friendliness, and others are used to create websites that are functional, fast, and easy to use. As well, with the increasing performance of smartphones users have begun to rely on their phones for instant and useful information. Opening times, ticket prices, navigation, and more should be readily available from a company’s website with one simple search. Mobile-friendly design makes this information easy to find for a search engine, and easy to find for users on the website itself.

These are just three ways to boost a website’s visibility, modernity, and practicality. However, it is important to remember that understanding what makes a website look good doesn’t mean it is easy to implement. Fortunately, digital marketing agencies, like CAYK Marketing, have years of experience in website design, and love to take on new challenges. Plus, with their talented staff of writers, developers, marketing professionals, and more they can help with all of the other aspects as well.

Website Development

Does Your Website Still Represent You?

As someone who operates a business, you’re probably well aware that a company is prone to develop and evolve in various ways over time. Whether it’s brand image, philosophy, or range of products and services, things change. Are you willing and able to adapt your site accordingly?

The Dangers of Being Outdated

Many business owners are so busy with day-to-day operations that they probably don’t pay much attention to how their site represents them online. When you get carried away by the hustle and bustle, you’re more prone to overlook a gap that might be developing between what your company does and what its website says. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you don’t pay close attention. Then, before you know it, a potential client is calling you to ask if you can provide a certain product or service listen on your site, only to find out from you that you no longer do. This is a pretty good way to lose business.

A Changing Company

It’s particularly common for business owners to forget to update their site with regards to what exactly they offer, but this isn’t the only possible misstep. It can also be a matter of brand identity. You may pay a visit to your site for the first time in a while and realize that the design and function of the site is not only outdated on a technical level, but also no longer aligns with the tone and style of your current voice as a company. It may list staff members who are no longer with you, or could fail to exude the great company culture that you’re proud to have perfected over the years. These are all incredibly important to bear in mind.

A Changing Environment

Even if you keep your website up-to-date to reflect the nature of your company, you’re not out of the woods yet. There is also the question of how modernized your site is to keep up with current standards in design, usability, SEO, and more. Once again, if you’re understandably caught up in the intensive work that it takes to run a company, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s expected of you in this department. Your design should be intuitive to navigate, responsive and mobile-friendly, and enhanced with eye-catching visual content. It may seem tough to keep up with on your own, but with the right team of professionals to help, it’s far more approachable.

One of the many principles at the core of the CAYK philosophy is that the online world is dynamic and fast-paced. If you want to stand out from others in your industry and foster growth for your company, you’ll need to keep up. Call (403) 456-0072 and we’ll make sure that you do!