PowerPoint Presentation Design and Development

PowerPoint Presentation Design and Development

Pitching a new business plan to a prospective client in the near future? Are you looking for a consultant to help you design and develop and effective PowerPoint presentation to accompany your pitch? Do you need the skills to properly deliver your presentation?

Maybe you simply need a cohesive presentation to effectively market your existing business to an increasing number of clients?

Creating an Effective PowerPoint

You would be surprised how much difference an attention to detail and familiarity with PowerPoint can make in developing an effective presentation. Increasing legibility, reducing wordy slides, and eliminating sizing and spacing faux pas will help your audience leave your presentation with a better sense of who you are and what you are offering or asking.

The team at CAYK® Marketing has a plethora of experience with PowerPoint and can work alongside your company to optimize the overall effectiveness of your presentations.

Professional Experience

CAYK® Marketing’s President and Senior Internet Consultant, David West, is experienced as a professional speaker and trainer. In other words, he has spent a good deal of time mastering the functions of PowerPoint & the many skills to deliver an impactful presentation!

Mr. West brings this experience to CAYK® Marketing, passing it along to his associates and creating a team that is extremely comfortable with and well versed when it comes to creating a powerful PowerPoint presentation that will have a lasting impact on its audience.

Do you want to incorporate a streaming video clip into your PowerPoint but don’t know how to effectively edit the clip to only include the section that is relevant to your presentation? CAYK® can help you do that!

Are you looking to create a PowerPoint that will run completely on its own once you get it started? Want to include a few different songs to play throughout? Looking to spice things up with some unique and fancy slide change animations?

The expert team at CAYK® Marketing is experienced with all of the functions in PowerPoint. They will be able to implement changes like the ones mentioned above, as well as many more, in an efficient and timely manner.

‘Freeing Up Time’

Employing a consultant from CAYK® Marketing to refine your PowerPoint presentation will allow you to focus your time on preparing the additional information that you will cover in your presentation.

After all, a PowerPoint is only a visual supplement to the verbal pitch that you are most likely designing in conjunction. CAYK® will handle the refinement and optimization of your PowerPoint so that you can focus on creating a verbal pitch that will leave your clients speechless with excitement!

If you need someone to consult with on the development and design of a PowerPoint presentation, you need the services of our friendly Calgary team at CAYK®. Give us a call today!