Logo Development & Creation

Logo Development and Creation

An important aspect of designing a successful presence lies in the development and creation of your business’ logo. This symbol represents your business, what you offer, and what values you stand by. It should be catered to your preferred target market.

Logo Stalwarts

McDonald’s, and their famous ‘Golden Arches’, is an example of a company who has largely benefited from the use of a single major logo design since their inception in 1940!

Nike, who is commonly recognized by ‘The Swoosh’, has altered their logo only four times in their company’s history. The ‘Solo Swoosh’ has been its prevalent logo since 1995.

McDonald’s and Nike are largely exceptions to the rule. Today, companies are redesigning logos more frequently, or creating new logos entirely, to meet changing consumer demographics. Pepsi, for example, has used more than ten different logos in their company’s illustrious history.

Creating an ‘Eye-Catcher’

At CAYK® Marketing, our experienced professionals are extremely creative when it comes to creating new logos for companies. We are also confident in our ability to develop a logo that will represent the desired image of your company.

Many companies underestimate the importance of having a great logo that is recognizable, and memorable. Truth is, your logo is an incredibly significant part of your business.

‘Competitive Advantage’

Every business seeks to set themselves apart from their competitors and establish some amount of competitive advantage. A logo that is unique and memorable will help you do just that.

Many companies have found extraordinary success in creating competitive advantage through the use of an effective logo design and brand association. For many people in America, the thought of fast food leaves them searching the skies for those ‘Golden Arches’.

At CAYK® Marketing, we recognize the need for a well designed and effectively target Internet marketing campaign. We realize that companies need to develop effective websites to attract and capture new customers and clients- websites are just the beginning though!

‘Benefits of CAYK®

The Internet Consultants at CAYK® Marketing will open your mind to the many possibilities for marketing your business on the Internet. We will help you reach your company’s full potential by thinking ‘outside the box’ and assisting you to evaluate the potential effects that various web-based applications could have on your business.

The professionals at CAYK® Marketing understand the importance of crafting a unique and memorable logo. We will work closely by your side to understand your business and create a logo that will become recognized in your neighborhood, city, province or state, country, or even internationally!