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Throwing just any information onto your blog and calling it a day will never do the trick. Quality, variety, and frequency are everything. Even before a word is written, inbound marketing and content strategy need to be driven by clear and well-crafted goals. These goals must be built around segmented and intentionally targetted audiences, careful keyword research, and an analytics plan which ensures measurability of success. Then focusing on areas important to your business will allow a steady flow of your potential clients inbound to your organization. 



You can rely on CAYK to complement a top-quality strategy with top-quality content, maintaining and maximizing its performance with data-driven tracking and auditing along the way.

Marketing That’s About More Than Checking Off Boxes


The ever-changing world of marketing can lead you to incredibly targeted, cost-effective ways to reach exponentially more customers than ever before… or leave you trying one gimmick after another looking for a winning combination. At CAYK®, we combine an intimate knowledge of individual marketing tactics like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, and killer creative content with our specific strength in the development of custom marketing analytics solutions to help you go beyond tactics towards leading your organization with a marketing strategy.


Strategy means going beyond the “smoke and mirrors” all too common in the marketing industry, instead focusing on the activities that measurably to give you the very highest return on investment – both now and in the future.



At CAYK, Our Standard Approach

is Not Having a Standard Approach.


Although there are certain elements that are likely to be a part of almost any Inbound marketing strategy, we’ve been around far too long to just assume that what works for some other company is going to be the best thing for your organization. Every business is different, which is why the tactics, strategies, and content we devise for them have to be unique as well.



Don’t mix and match tactics with little regard to strategy,

Don’t waste your marketing budget without data to prove success, and

Don’t ever feel like marketing is tough,

Becuase we’re here to help you transition from tactics to strategy, and from strategy to performance proven through data.

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