Facebook Business Page Design

Design and Development of Facebook Fan Pages is fairly straight forward, especially if your business already has a website. The greatest hurdle is Facebook’s permissions in terms of what is and what is not allowed. Just like website design, just about anyone can ‘punch out’ and image from PowerPoint and upload it onto their Fan Page – but… if the design is not professional and if the purpose for the design is not clear, you will achieve very litte.

Balance Design On Facebook with Your Message

Just like a great marketing website, your business fan page has to balance great design with written content and with clear conversion goals. If you consider these factors and design the necessary focus into your Facebook Fan Page you can actually convert visitors to potential clients.

Our team can produce a premium 100% custom designed Facebook Fan Page for your business. You choose how many custom tabs you want on your Facebook Fan page and we will create the necessary designs, html, css and fbml (facebook markup language) to get it all working for you!

Facebook Fan Page or Business Page – Based On Your Web Design

If you already have a marketing website, chances are you have spent a great deal of time planning and creating a perfect design and a clear call to action. Our team can reproduce the look, feel and the call to action for your Facebook Fan Page tabs. We can direct people to your home page or to a conversion form right on your Facebook Fan Page!


Why Do You Need a FaceBook Fan Page?

Facebook Fan Pages are public – they are indexed by search engines. Everyone on Facebook can find them through Facebooks organic search function. A Facebook Fan Page can be optimized to perform better on search. You can engage your potential and current customers through your Business Fan Page. When someone becomes your fan or “likes” your page, your updates will be pushed out to their “walls”. They have for all intents and purposes “opted” to receive your messages.

You can custom design your Fan Page tabs to give them purpose. Run contests, write messages, post pictures, post videos and much more.

Need a Completely Custom Design

No issues – if you don’t have an online brand or designs, we can start from scratch and create the perfect Facebook Fan Page for your Business.