Dental Marketing

Just as your patients sometimes need a specialist, your dental practice marketing deserves the experience and knowledge that CAYK brings to the table. We know that your primary goal is new patient acquisition. We understand your secondary goals such as reputation management, social networking, patient satisfaction, and community involvement.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

This little idiom quite well describes the fear that dentists have when engaging a digital marketing agency. You likely have already tried the Yellow Book company or a Phone Company turned online marketer. Their rigid annual contracts with auto-renewal and a general underperformance have you cautious. We totally understand. One need only Google or read the “posts by others” on Facebook to see how phone book companies are leaving a bad taste in their clients’ mouths.

A Few Principles that You Will Find Refreshing

We have developed some simple guidelines to assure you that we are different:

  • No long term contract required.
  • No automatic long-term contract renewal.
  • No exaggerated statements of claims. No hyperbole.
  • We answer our phones in person. No automated voice response system.
  • We meet with our clients monthly.
  • We do quarterly review and planning sessions.

Our Methodology

We work with all of our clients to develop an online marketing and advertising program. Our goal is to get your online presence in front of potential clients when they are searching. We have developed programs that go beyond just “getting the visitor” to your website. We have systems that will convert more visitors to potential patients.

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