For many businesses, onboarding a new client or providing services means completing the same steps over and over again for each individual customer. By automating the internal business process, you can ensure that both your employees and your clients are always ready for the next step. Automated emails can be sent to just team members, just clients, or both employees and customers, giving you complete control over how you Automate Internal Business Process uniquely within your company.

Automated Emails to Team Members.

Your business is built on the hard work of great employees. But it can be challenging for team members, and managers in particular, to juggle every single step for every single client without prompts and assistance. Automated emails for your team could include reminders for your employees of what stage a project should be on and encourage them to identify any unnecessary delays if the project is falling behind. Automated emails could also remind supervisors in advance when an employee has time off coming up in the next month, so the supervisor can plan accordingly. Emails can also remind employees to submit their hours or complete other necessary red tape on time.

Automate Emails to Clients.

A key element to keeping your clients happy is to remind them regularly of how well you are serving them. Automated emails to clients on a weekly or monthly basis is the foundation of automated client retention. These emails will engage clients, asking for their feedback or giving updates on how their project or services are moving. Automated emails to clients help to maintain a client-business relationship and regularly reminds your client of the hard work your team is doing for them. These emails are quick, to the point, and automatically sent out at a pre-scheduled time.  A popular use for these emails are check-ins to ask how your client is feeling about the service they are receiving and whether they have any concerns. These automated emails can also be used to inform all clients of changes to hours, services, and more.

Automate Emails to Both Clients & Employees.

Perhaps the most powerful use of this MA/CRO technology is ensuring both clients and employees are on the same page. There are many situations where both your clients and your team member can benefit from reminds. For example, three days or a week before a meeting, an email can go out to the client asking them to confirm the appointment and simultaneously, an email can go to operations reminding them why the meeting was scheduled, the concerns of the client, and which materials need to be prepared ahead of time. This can help ensure the meeting goes smoothly, and there isn’t an emergency rush to finish tasks in the hour before the client arrives.
When all of your team members remember every task perfectly and complete it on time, your business functions at top efficiency. Automating your internal business process ensures that no task or project falls through the cracks. Your team and your business remain on top of every step with punctuality and professionalism. To learn more about how automating internal business processes can support your business’s operation team and continued success, contact a CAYK advisor today.