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Does your business struggle to retain your hard-earned clients? Many of the business owners we work with offer on-going monthly services. These business owners say that their clients are excited when they sign on and can't wait to see what the business can do for them. However, after a few months of receiving the service but little communication or engagement, many clients begin to forget what services they're even receiving. They begin to feel jaded with the monthly bills and the lack of information. They call the business suddenly upset, demanding to know what they're paying for, and quit. So what happened?

Relationships Can't End at Closing.

Over the sales process, most businesses put in substantial effort to build a relationship with new prospective leads. But as soon as the lead signs on, this level of attention typically disappears. The sales team moves on to new perspectives and leaves the client in the safe hands of operations. Operations has mastered delivering your business's products and services with maximum efficiency, but unless a client reaches out with an issue, operations likely won't spend much time actively engaging with them beyond expertly providing the services in the contract. This is a little like getting married and then disappearing on a never-ending business trip while still sending money home for household upkeep. Sure, your client is technically looked after and receiving the specified services, but what happened to the person-to-person service that convinced them to sign on in the first place? Just because your client has signed a contract doesn't mean your team can afford to stop engaging with them.

Automating Client Retention.

One of the easiest ways to continue to provide clients with the attention they deserve is automated client retention. This is one of our marketing client's favourite elements of MA/CRO, and it works by creating a year's worth of weekly or monthly emails that are automatically sent to each of your clients after a set number of days. To create these emails, you'll work directly with one of our professional writers. They'll help you to craft engaging, informative emails that clients can interact with and respond to. This will help your clients feel connected to your business and appreciative of the great services you're providing them. If you're offering a high-quality service and are losing clients due to poor communication, our Calgary marketing advisors can help. MA/CRO allows you and our writers to craft personalized emails for your clients, so the relationship built throughout the sales process is maintained month-after-month. Learn more about how MA/CRO can serve your business and facilitate automated client retention by contacting your Calgary marketing advisor online today or give our office a call at 403-778-7656.

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