CAYK® Communications

As a business owners, we understand that our clients are the most important part of our success. In order for companies to grow, they must constantly connect with an expanding community. But the internet is a busy place, and in many high-demand industries, competition can seem overwhelming. Our CAYK® Communication services help to give your business an edge. As your potential clients search for your products or services, they will find your Google My Business page and Facebook page filled with positive reviews and testimonials from real happy customers. As they explore your website, they can get the answers they want instantly through the Livechat. When they’re ready to commit and give you a call, Inbound Calling ensures that there is always someone available to answer the phone.


One of our most ambitious services, Reviews+ is all about channeling your customers positive associations with your business into creating a concrete online reputation. Anyone can buy fake reviews, but your potential customers can smell a phony 5/5 reputation before they ever consider becoming your client. That’s what makes Review+ by CAYK® exceptional. You provide our friendly customer service specialists with a list of your real customers, and we do the rest. We’ll call every single one of your real customers, guide them through a short survey, and groom them to leave positive reviews for your business online. Your great service makes your clients want to reward your business with great reviews — our team just makes easy.


The role of LiveChat on your website probably seems obvious. LiveChat is there in case a potential customer has a question they can’t find the answer to. Instead of getting frustrated with an unintuitive marketing website, your visitors can immediately get the answers they need from knowledgeable, customer service professionals. That’s partly true — though we don’t recommend LiveChat as an alternative to having clean, easy to use web design.

However, the real magic of LiveChat is that as visitors are interacting with your marketing agents, they’re feeling first hand the instant, high-quality customer service they can expect from your company. More importantly, while they’re talking with your LiveChat representative, they aren’t browsing through your competitor’s website. Our LiveChat services are all about keeping your potential customer engaged, satisfied, and on your website until they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

Inbound Calling

There are a hundred good reasons why business owners may not pick up their phone when their customers are calling. They could be chatting with a different client or in the middle of a meeting. They may be out on a work site or busy providing services. Or perhaps English isn’t their first language or they’re hard of hearing. We understand that you are busy making your business a success and that doesn’t always leave time for picking up the phone. But your customers don’t understand. All they hear is the the beep from your voicemail telling them that they aren’t important.

At CAYK® Marketing, we have worked with so many business owners who struggle to answer the phone. They may be getting multiple calls every hour, but they aren’t getting messages. This is because your customers and potential customers don’t want to talk to a voicemail. They want to talk to a real person. CAYK® can help. With our Inbound Calling service, every phone call to your business rings through to our office. Our Canada-based, customer service experts are always on hand to take calls. Working as your virtual personal assistant, our advisors can answer questions or book appointments. Or they can just serve as a human voicemail, because your clients will be happy to leave a message when they’re speaking to a real person.

Is your business struggling to connect and communicate with clients and potential leads? Do you have hundreds of happy customers but no online reviews? Our team can help. Contact us online or give us a call at our office at 403-778-6966, and ask about our CAYK® Communication services today.