Virtual Marketing Department

A comprehensive marketing department requires a diverse team of talented individuals. They need the programming and tech-know how to keep your marketing website online and up-to-date. They create beautiful designs and clever content for new marketing materials, and they review statistics and analyze your business’s marketing success online. Your marketing team strives constantly to boost your brand, grow your business, and reach new customers. When new leads reach out looking for answers or to schedule services, your marketing team needs to be there to assist them. When customers leave satisfied and ready to tell the world about your great business, your marketing team needs to reach out to those customers and ask them to leave online reviews.

Creating an inhouse marketing department of talented writers, designers, programmers, customer service specialists, marketing experts, and more is expensive and time-consuming. By working with your virtual marketing department at CAYK, you benefit from the expert skills your marketing strategy needs without the price-tag of hiring at least 5 in-house, full-time specialists.



Your business relies on its marketing website. When something breaks or you need new content or design-work for a new service or product, you need to know your marketing team is available to get the job done. Businesses aren’t static, and most of our clients regularly require updates to their marketing website. That’s why we created CAYK® Care. We offer four monthly maintenance plans to give you access to the right level of monthly service for your business at the right budget. Feel confident knowing all the basics are covered: 1 hour of design, maintenance, and general support each month, guaranteed within 1 business day response time, and monthly plugin and wordpress updates, or enjoy a luxurious, premium plan that include everything and anything your website might need.

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CAYK® Communications is all about helping your business stay in contact and connected with your customers. Services like LiveChat and Inbound Calling ensure that, when your clients are in a moment of need, someone is always available to answer their questions and help them feel confident choosing your business. Complementary to these services is Reviews+ which builds on your online reputation. Our customer service experts reach out to your satisfied customers and invite them to leave positive reviews for your business online. This builds your credibility with new, potential customers as they try to determine whether your business is right for them.

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