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What is the ultimate goal of your online marketing efforts? What kind of clients are you trying to attract, and how should they convert? Your advertising strategy should answer these questions.

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Do you want to know the truth about pay-per-click ads and online advertising? It’s easy to spot irrelevant, obnoxious ads a mile away, and consumers love to mock anyone who would click on them. Nobody enjoys disruptive ads that interrupt their internet experience, which is why many of us have disdain for online advertising. But not all ads are irrelevant or disruptive.

When Google supplies a result that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you click on it. Probably without even considering whether the result was an ad or an organic search result. And if you clicked one of the top 3 results, it was probably an ad.

Think of it this way: as a business owner, you want relevant visitors to come to your website, but your potential new customers want to go to your website too. Consumers are searching for the goods and services you sell because they want to find you as much as you want to find them. If your ads are well-written, clearly targeted, and bring searchers to a relevant webpage, they can act as an integral bridge between the rest of the Internet and your website.

Our online paid advertising experts are always ready to answer questions about paid traffic drivers and how they can help your business succeed. Give your CAYK® representative in Calgary a call at 403-456-0072, or keep reading below to learn more about how pay-per-click advertising works across the internet.

Google Search Network

These Google Adwords are made to look just like organic Google results. They are highly relevant and triggered by potential customers of the right demographic, in the right area, searching for the right keywords. In the same way Google algorithms instantly rank organic search results for every unique Google user and search query, Google also ranks every relevant ad with a bid on the searched keywords. Only the top three, most relevant ads are ever displayed. So you can trust that your ads are only shown to individuals in your market who are looking for your products or services.

A potential customer searches Google in their moment of need, your engaging and relevant ad is the first result they see, and they click through to a well-written landing page. It just works.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Google’s Display Network is a vast web of millions of websites. The display network works a little differently than the search network. Instead of being triggered by the perfect search query, your beautifully designed display ads are shown on websites across the internet that are contextually relevant to the products and services you offer. If your business sells baby supplies, your display ads could be shown on websites that discuss parenting strategies. If you sell IT services, your image ads may display on tech blogs discussing the merits of one video conferencing technology over another.

Display advertisements offer a lot of design flexibility. Our team of designers can create beautiful, still images paired with compelling text, animated images, and even videos.


Perhaps one of the cleverest forms of advertising, Google’s Display Network can be harnessed to remarket to consumers in a way that is extremely powerful. When a visitor arrives at your website, they’re automatically added to your remarketing list. Once on this list, Google can show that visitor display ads for specific products and services from your website that they have shown an interest in. These remarketing ads follow a potential customer across the display network regardless of context and encourage them to return to your website.

Our favourite thing about remarketing ads is that they acknowledge the investment a business makes in attracting visitors to their marketing website, and they help direct consumers back to your site again and again.

Social Advertising

It wasn’t long ago that we had to ask Calgary businesses whether they were on Facebook or Twitter yet. Nowadays, almost every business owner who needs our help already has a basic presence on major social networks, but they don’t know how to harness these communities to drive traffic to their marketing website. We’re here to help. Nearly all major social networks give businesses the ability to target potential new customers based on past behaviour, likes, interests, and more. You can use pay-per-click advertising on these websites to promote your brand and to show your products or services to potential new customers. Our social media specialists collaborate with our advertising experts to run contests, boost your page and popular posts, and engage your community on social networks relevant to your customers.

InStream Video Advertising

YouTube is owned by Google, and perhaps that’s why people rarely stop to think about just how big YouTube really is. YouTube is the second most frequented search engine after its parent company. The Bank of America suggested in 2018 that YouTube, by itself, is worth more than 85% of companies in the S&P 500. YouTube has an estimated value of $70 billion, and like its parent company, Youtube makes the majority of its revenue from advertising. InStream video advertisements are pre-roll video runs that YouTube forces people to watch before they can view the content they clicked on. These instream video advertisements are usually under 15 seconds, with longer ads (running a couple minutes) being skippable after about 5 seconds. Like social ads, you have the opportunity to target relevant viewers. And like the Google Display Network, you can also place your ads on videos that are contextually relevant to your products and services. Together, these targeting options make InStream videos highly effective.

Paid Traffic Drivers are powerful tools that can help generate traffic to your website when organic traffic just isn’t enough. Our team likes to think of pay-per-click advertising as the hare in the marketing race. It’s a great way to jump ahead and benefit from extra traffic while you also invest in slow-and-steady search engine optimization.

Stop reading about what’s possible with paid advertising and start benefiting from results! Get in touch with a CAYK® marketing advisor, and schedule a free meeting today.