Organic Traffic Drivers


Climbing your way to the top of search results takes a lot of time, effort, and strategic optimization.

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Ensure that your social media accounts aren’t being left behind. We’ll keep your accounts active and in touch with your community!

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New and compelling content will make your website an asset to both potential clients and to Google.

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Many Calgary business owners are tired of chasing the latest gimmick for getting noticed online, and they’re grateful that CAYK® isn’t interested in offering illusions or promising miracles. What our Calgary marketing team brings to the table is years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the many tools that can be used to create a successful marketing strategy, especially when it comes to Inbound Traffic Drivers. If you’re tired of trying anything and everything, and you want to work with a marketing team specializing in agility and precision, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Standard Approach is to Not Have One

Your project is unique. Your business isn’t quite like anyone else’s, and that’s why we won’t sell you a cookie-cutter marketing strategy. Instead, we create online marketing success with finesse and expert handling of the tools that direct consumers to your website. Our team is dedicated to understanding your business, your customers, and your priorities. We’ll meet with you several times throughout the launch of your marketing campaign to ensure every step is precisely aligned with your goals.

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Your Business

As a CAYK Marketing® client, you will benefit from a fully customized plan and a team of marketing experts who can implement every step in-house with the support of talented team members across Canada.

From your initial meeting with us,  we’ll discuss how to incorporate many different elements into your online marketing plan. We believe in a holistic approach that draws in consumers from all corners of the internet. Here are just a few of different elements we may implement in your marketing strategy:

  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising & Social Community Management
  • Dynamic Articles, Content Creation, and Inbound Link Building
  • Video Production, Traditional Marketing, & More

We don’t believe in creating okay strategies that more-or-less work for anyone; we craft custom plans built to perfectly fit your company, situation, and goals. And we understand that an online marketing plan is only as good as its real-world results. If a marketing strategy doesn’t generate a real, bottom line success, it’s just a waste of your time, effort, and money. So stop wasting your resources, and get back to what you do best — making your business a success. We’re here to handle the rest.

If you’re ready to stop reading about what’s possible with Internet marketing and start seeing some of the results for yourself, get in touch with a CAYK® marketing advisor, and schedule a complimentary meeting today online or give our team a call at 403-778-0826.