Focused High Conversion Landing Page Development

You’ve done a great job ensuring your web presence is strong and your marketing website is up-to-date. But, as an entrepreneur, you’re always thinking about the next step. You’ve had a great idea and want to launch a new brand, product, or service, and you’re wondering if that means completely rebranding your current site or creating a new full marketing website from scratch. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to mean either.

A Custom Designed Landing Page, or micro-site, is the perfect tool for testing out your newest concept. These web presences are small — usually a single landing page, and they’re built to inform and convert web visitors on one specific product or service.

No Distractions. The main benefit of a Custom Designed Landing Page is the extreme focus. This one-page website will feature a single product or service. It won’t discuss your business’s history or about your team or any of the other business-cultural elements found on a full marketing website. Only the most highly relevant, potential customers should be directed towards your micro-site; everyone else can be driven towards your usual marketing website. Once on your micro-site, your relevant customers should find all the information necessary for making a purchasing decision and a method for purchasing. Focused, high-conversion landing pages don’t have room for frills or distractions.

Could your new brand or idea benefit from a finer, more precise marketing approach? At CAYK, we meet every client and new project with open ears. We understand that your newest concept is unique. The marketing strategy that has helped your previous business to flourish may not be the right fit for your new idea. Our team is here to listen to your priorities and what you want your new micro-site to accomplish. Then we’ll help make it a reality.

Contact your Calgary web design advisor today online or at 403-778-0627 to learn more about how a micro-site may fit into your current marketing strategy.