Consulting Services

David West, founding partner of CAYK Marketing Inc. is no stranger to web development, online advertising, search engines, social networking and conversion optimization. In fact, he became a web programmer in 1994 and soon afterward started to develop websites as a freelancer. David now shares over 20 years experience with his consulting clients.

From Keynote to Break-out

If you are looking for an engaging speaker that will not simply present content easily found on the internet, then you are in the right place. Reach out to us and we will prepare a speaking proposal for your next conference. From keynote to break-out you will not be disappointed by the unique perspective that we bring to the podium.

Need Help Developing a Social Strategy?

Having a Facebook Business page is only one step towards engagement. We work with clients who need access to an advisor to lead and validate their social strategy. When you are ready to take your social networking to the next level, talk to us.

Your Website Gets Visitors, But Does Not Generate Leads?

Simply paying thousands of dollars for search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click advertising is very often not enough. Many websites fail to convert visitors to potential clients. Our team has the experience of working with hundreds of clients, several hundred websites, multiple programming languages, and are all certified by Google as AdWords specialists. All of this hands-on experience lends itself to a keen understanding of what works and what does not. So much of what we do online is clearly measurable. If your website is not converting visitors to potential clients, you should give us a shout. It might be a simple change required to get your website to work for you.

Need An Accomplished Advisor On Your Side of the Table

Working with one of our Senior Internet Advisors will propel your online initiatives. You work with an accountant, a lawyer, a business coach…why not add an Internet Consultant to the mix of trusted advisors that help businesses grow.

What Are You Waiting For?

Chat with us now, or call Calgary and speak to an advisor today. Alternatively, shoot us a note from the form on this page and we will respond…very quickly!