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A holistic marketing strategy with beautiful design and clever content is pretty to look at and fun to read, but what really matters is the results from your Marketing and Advertising efforts. Perhaps that’s why so many of our competitors quietly go about their business and talk to their clients as little as possible. They think if they can just keep churning out marketing material, they can distract their clients from the numbers. That’s not how we work here at CAYK Marketing®.  

Review Analytics, Adwords, Search Console, Social, and More!

Your Marketing and Advertising strategy includes numerous elements that work together to drive traffic to your website. Every quarter, our team will review the individual performance of each individual element, such as your Adwords and Social Media. We’ll also go over how your marketing website is performing in search organically and review the analytics of how many visitors and conversions your business is benefiting from.

What to Expect in Quarterly Planning & Review Meetings

During your review, there are a lot of numbers to go over. As you continue with your Marketing and Advertising plan, the information will grow as our team members begin to compare present data to historical numbers. Our clients don’t need to worry about statistics and graphs not being their strong suit; we break down the data into easy to understand results. At every meeting, we’ll carefully outline how your campaign is progressing and what outcomes you should expect in the future. Since we sit down with you instead of just emailing dense reports, you’ll benefit from information and projection specific to your industry and business.

Request a Report Anytime

Some of our clients enjoy delving into the data themselves. They have the time and energy to dissect the numbers, and we’re pleased to support our clients taking interest in their marketing strategy. If you’d like to receive updates more often than once a quarter, you can request a paper report at any time. Our team would be happy to provide you with your website’s raw data and analytics for you to go over yourself.
Your business is your livelihood. You need to keep an eye on your bottom line and ensure any money going into your marketing efforts is balancing out in increased revenue. We’re here to help.

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