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Do people come to your website searching for information or do they come ready to make a purchase? Perhaps a little of both? Identifying why and how your potential clients are using your marketing website is the first step in creating effective conversion goals. Once you understand why they’re using your site, you can use conversion goals to offer them what they want in the way that most benefits your business.

Slow Conversion Process.

Many of our clients have a slow conversion process. They’re offering large-commitment services or products, and they can expect their potential leads to take some time with their purchasing decision. This means that many of the visitors on their website are still in the research stage. They want information about your business, your services, and why they should choose your company over your competitors. You want information about them. While an obvious call to actions will include an invitation to contact your company for more information, there are other conversion goals that can be just as useful. Consider offering informative, downloadable guides, audits, or other useful resources. In exchange for access to your high-quality download, a visitor will need to offer their name and email address. You’ve just converted an anonymous web-user into an identified lead.

Moderate Conversion Process.

The majority of our clients probably fall into a moderate conversion process. For example, patients certainly put some thought into which dental clinic they choose, but at the end of the day the most important factors are probably location of the clinic and the services offered. Patients won’t go looking for a dental clinic if they don’t want dental services in the near future. And beyond that, most people are willing to give a reputable looking clinic chance and book a first appointment. This means your website needs to provide easy access to information about your location and services. If your business works directly with consumers, it may be beneficial to offer bios, so leads can get a feel for who they’ll be working with. Your most important conversion goal will be to have leads actually phone your business to schedule an appointment or order your services. That means placing strong calls to action throughout your website, providing plenty of easy-to-use conversion points like forms, and most importantly, having your phone number obvious and easy to find on every page.

Fast Conversion Process.

Clients that sell products directly from their website have a fast conversion process. They want to give potential customers the information they need and direct them to where they can purchase goods or services online. This type of business will have the most aggressive conversational goals. Every blurb of information for each individual product or service should invite customers to buy now. It should take a single click to be start purchasing online, and your customer should never be left wondering how they can buy. But, like slow conversion businesses, collecting information on your potential customers is also vital. If a lead abandons a full cart without completing a purchase, your business needs to have their email address. Send them an email reminding them of all the great products they found or even offering a small coupon. Remind them that these products may not be around forever. Urgency is key to leading potential customers to complete their purchase now rather than later.
Your marketing website doesn’t exist on the internet to look pretty. As a business, you need to make money in order to remain successful and continue to grow. That means converting visitors who are looking at your website into long term clients. At CAYK, our marketing specialists are able to work with you to determine the right conversion goals and objectives for your unique business. Together, we’ll decide what your website should be accomplishing and how we can facilitate your clients getting what they want in the way that best serves your business.
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