Online Video Marketing is Here... Has Your Business Punched a Ticket?

Typically, North American companies fail to take advantage of online marketing videos for one of two reasons. First, they don't see online videos for the enormous potential they represent. YouTube – the world's most popular video site and a subsidiary of Google – shows roughly 10 billion clips every week. What's more, they are currently adding the equivalent of hundreds of feature-length films in that same amount of time. More and more buyers are looking to video to find product features, search for expert opinions, and learn how to get more out of their lives, careers, and businesses. If they aren't finding your videos, then you're missing your chance to make a mark. The second problem is that too many businesses treat their online marketing videos like Christmas scrapbooking projects. The days when you could simply upload a grainy photo of yourself talking about what you sell and turn a profit are over. It takes a professional video production team, like the one we have at CAYK®, to make a strong impression on buyers.

Compelling Marketing Videos From Start to Finish

The process of creating an online marketing video can be complicated and expensive...unless you have the right kind of creative team on your side. At CAYK®, we know what it takes to produce an attention-catching clip, from initial concept to the final edits. We can help you every step of the way, including:
  • Video planning, storyboarding, and script writing
  • Shooting your video, hiring talent, arranging for studio time, and inserting voiceovers
  • Post-production and editing, including after-effects and compressing your clip into web-ready formats
  • Optimization of your video, with titles and keywords that make it easier for viewers to find on major sites like YouTube
In other words, we make it easy to condense your message into something clear, understandable, and actionable. Why struggle to produce an online marketing video when you could have an expert team on your side?

How Does This Work With Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Although social media marketing, search engine optimization, and mobile computing are primary factors in order to enhance your online marketing strategy, content creation is the most important aspect to consider. So what is content creation? Content creation from a digital marketing perspective includes everything from the text on one's website, blogging, photos, video, and the management of social media accounts. Ultimately, content is the most important aspect to online marketing because it drives action. If done correctly with smart content creation, this can prove to serve as a large advantage. It can give customers more of what they want.

Let's Work on Your Blockbuster Together

Done correctly, online marketing videos offer you an easy, high-ROI way to attract new buyers. Contact us at CAYK® to see how simple it is to get professional help with your online video project.

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