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Inbound Marketing

Throwing just any information onto your blog and calling it a day will never do the trick. Quality, variety, and frequency are everything. Even before a word is written, a content strategy needs to be driven by clear and well-crafted goals. These goals must be built around audience segmenting and targeting, keyword research, the specific focus areas important to your business, and more. The best content tackles these goals while expressing a consistent brand voice, anticipating readers’ interests and needs, and keeping the audience engaged.


Advertising plays an integral role in how you present your business to the world. It’s been this way for centuries, but the internet age has changed the game quite a bit. Today, you don’t just have to circulate traditional advertisements, you also need to bring web users to your site with carefully implemented pay-per-click ad campaigns. PPC is one of the major pillars of digital marketing, and as such, we pride ourselves in making the most of it for businesses like yours!


In the internet age, generating leads is about far more than putting out a few ads. Traditional outbound marketing no longer represents the full picture. You need to give your leads a reason to come to you, and you need to make yourself as visible as possible in search results. If not, you’ll miss out on a vast portion of your potential customers! With SEO solutions tailored to your business, CAYK Marketing, a Marketing Agency in Calgary, can help you drive more high-quality organic traffic to your site than ever.

Social Media

For reputable brands all over the world, social media has become just as integral to marketing as advertising, but it’s not just big companies that benefit from its capabilities. Businesses of all types and sizes need to tap into this incredibly valuable resource if they want to reach their potential when it comes to traffic, conversions, and respectability. By combining social media with your content and more, CAYK will help you get the most from your social networks!

Website Development

This is one of the most definitive questions in modern commerce. People may ask you in person, or it’ll be on their minds when they find you in Google My Business listings. Either way, it’s one of the first things that a person wants to know about a business. Why? Because they’re faced with more choices than ever when looking for the things they need. When they visit your custom designed and developed website by CAYK, that choice will be a no-brainer.

Strategy & Consulting

As an agency that is powered by over 20 years of experience, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is a disaster waiting to happen. Your business needs and deserves a comprehensive marketing strategy that is built from the ground up, both entirely faithful to your goals and build to succeed. When the marketing experts at CAYK develop your strategy, they’ll be able to answer the most pivotal questions you may have about your marketing journey…

Data & Analytics Solutions

In a world of ML and AI, we choose to embrace the use of Data as any Marketing Agency in Calgary worth it’s technical chops should.

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Who is CAYK?

We are a locally owner & operated, second-generation marketing agency in Calgary. Our founding partners started our family business prior to Google’s incorporation. We grew up with the digital age. As a result, CAYK possesses a deep understanding of the Internet and how organizations can leverage it to increase grow. From search optimization, website design, paid advertising and more, we stay at the forefront of a changing field to help our clients take advantage of their online presence.


Our range of expertise tends towards the deeply technical. From the use of Data & Analytics to measurably prove performance, through to the use of dynamic and programmatic optimization, our team is eager to meet, share our knowledge, and help your organization leverage technology to succeed.

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At CAYK, we’re passionate about ensuring measurable success for our clients. Our strategies empower enterprises to take control of their performance.

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