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Why Brand Ad Campaigns are Important

Creating a great product or service is not enough to attract customers. Traditional advertising of your goods/services is often not enough either. Your company needs to build trust to create lasting relationships with consumers which requires a multitude of advertising campaigns. Brand awareness campaigns need to be at the top of that list! Why? Because brand ad campaigns have a multitude of benefits.

What is brand advertising?

Brand advertising is a strategy that develops brand recognition, increases company credibility, encourages customer loyalty and builds long term relationships with consumers. A brand advertising campaign is aimed at capturing attention in order to establish a positive brand identity and bolster customer allegiance. Branding usually includes company name, logo, packaging, pricing, specific traits of your product/service and (most importantly) the values of your company.

Benefits of Brand Awareness Campaigns:

  • Developing a positive brand image: Brand awareness advertising creates a positive perception of your brand making you the best choice for products/services. Focus on your business values, your product quality, your fair pricing, your exemplary customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Highlighting what makes you unique: A brand advertising campaign showcases what makes your product/service different from and better than the competition. A well-developed campaign makes your brand increasingly visible in the competitive marketplace.
  • Increasing brand credibility: To create positive news, boost recognition of your brand and increase credibility, have industry/company experts offer knowledge and advice. Sponsor community events. Host charities relevant to your product/service.
  • Building strong connections: To build relationships with consumers/potential consumers, a brand campaign needs to offer solutions, make emotional sense and encourage meaningful engagement.
  • Reaching new audiences: Open doors for your business by using strategies such as influencer marketing and guest posting. Use sponsored social posts that promote your products/services. Message your target audience.
  • Increasing sales: Brand ad campaigns make people more aware of your product/service and target relevant audiences increasing your chances of generating conversions.
  • Enable retargeting: Collecting brand awareness data via a brand campaign is crucial for retargeting. It informs you of audience interests and behaviours allowing efficient strategies and good budget usage.

When used efficiently, brand awareness campaigns increase awareness of, boost interest in, and develop a desire for your product/service. A well-executed brand strategy drives future sales. It helps your company scale up and develops lasting relationships with consumers. Build a unique and consistent brand image with branded advertising campaigns.

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How to Handle Negative Reviews

It happens to every business sooner or later – the dreaded negative review! You might think no one will notice the unfortunate comment, but 82% of consumers consult online reviews for local businesses spending approximately 13 minutes reading before making a decision. The negative review will be noticed! It’s tempting to focus on positive feedback and ignore the occasional negative voice but negative reviews affect the decisions customers make, drive down your listing on consumer review sites and have an impact on business outcomes. So, how should you handle that scathing comment?


  • Respond promptly thus limiting damage, showing you value the consumer’s opinion and demonstrating care for customer service.
  • Answer tactfully: Apologize. Appreciate the communication. Empathize without blaming. Express regret and explain the issue using sincere and non-condescending language. You may actually change the customer’s mind and turn the negative into a positive!
  • Be authentic and honest: Do not use a canned response! Customers prefer an honest acknowledgement of a genuine mistake. Address negative reviews in a fair and heartfelt manner.
  • Make a considered response: Collect your thoughts before responding. Find the merit in the review. Remain professional. Make it clear that you are happy to resolve the issue. Don’t ever attack or retaliate!
  • Be appreciative: Negative reviews are actually a good way to keep customers coming back. They give you the opportunity to improve your company’s imperfections and let consumers know how you respond. So, appreciate the writer of a negative review.
  • Take the communication offline: Leave a sincere and thoughtful public comment requesting contact information and asking the best way and time to communicate. Then take the discussion offline. Resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction, then leave a brief comment in the public timeline.
  • Correct the issue: Take negative reviews seriously. Look for ways to improve. Brainstorm solutions and weigh the outcomes. Make the changes needed and then share this with the reviewer. Let customers know that feedback affects your business.
  • Go above and beyond: Consider offering a credit, a gift card or flowers. Send a custom video or image to help improve the reviewer’s perception.
  • Follow up with the reviewer making sure the issue has been remedied. Many customers will take a bad review down when they feel they have been treated fairly and a resolution has been reached.
  • Remove fake/misleading reviews: Some negative reviews are not authentic (written by the competition, a disgruntled former employee, someone who is not an actual customer, etc.). These responses are against most terms of service agreements and can be removed when reported to the proper leadership of each platform.
  • Share reviews with your employees (positive and negative) to ensure similar problems do not reoccur and to build a customer-centric mindset in your company.
  • Monitor reviews: Position your business for success by consistently monitoring reviews and responding when necessary.

Everyone gets negative reviews! Don’t panic. Don’t take it personally. Deal with the situation appropriately and learn from the experience. Make changes when called for.

Need assistance handling negative reviews? Want help with your digital marketing strategy? Call CAYK at (587) 600-8270 or email [email protected].  Allow us to be your very own marketing department! Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, each eager to help your business grow. Contact CAYK today.