Online Marketing

3 Major Uses for Marketing Automation

Previously, we mentioned that personalized email campaigns are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing automation. It can serve a multitude of purposes to help your business grow, so why not take a closer look? Here are three areas where it really shines.

Analyzing and Understanding Your Leads

Whether it’s getting someone to sign up for you email list, fill out a survey or other form, or follow you on social media, capturing leads is a crucial step in gaining new business. However, capturing a lead is only half the battle. You also have to understand who they are, what they want, what they’re interested in, and more. Marketing automation allows you to learn as much as possible about your leads by automatically tracking, analyzing, profiling, and segmenting them. Progressive profiling is an especially important component of this, allowing you to gather an increasing amount of data on a lead or customer throughout their journey with your brand.

Nurturing Leads and Maximizing Retention

Marketing automation tools also provide you with the means to guide your leads closer and closer to the bottom of the purchase funnel. If your progressive profiling and segmentation practices hit the mark, you’ll be equipped to qualify and nurture your leads through automated processes that are tailored to the precise nature of their behaviour. Other assets in this process include personalized automated email campaigns, your social media profiles, your content strategy, and more. Combine all of this with skillful conversion rate optimization and you’ll really be in business. You’ll not only nurture leads like a pro, you’ll also maximize customer retention.

Making Your Business More Efficient

You may primarily understand marketing automation tools as being designed for your consumer-facing marketing efforts. This is a significant portion of their scope, but additionally, automation tools are commonly used to streamline and optimize internal business processes, both directly and indirectly linked with your marketing strategy. Whether it’s managing appointments and meetings, communicating with team members and clients, or structuring the execution of crucial marketing tasks and workflows, the automation tools available today are both powerful and highly versatile. Use them to make your business stronger than ever!

Even within each of these key categories, implementing marketing automation within your strategy can have far-reaching effects on the growth, visibility, and reputation of your business. Are you ready to fully capture its potential? Call (403) 456-0072 to speak with our experts today!

Website Development

5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Business Website

The amount of traffic flowing to your website is directly related to how much new business you take in. Not only this, but it is highly influential in helping to maximize client retention. You, like everyone else, probably want as much as you can get. Here are five ways to make it happen.

Develop a Strong Inbound Strategy

The more reasons you give people to visit your business website, the more of them will show up. Of course, these can’t be just any reasons, they have to be good ones. Build a compelling and distinctive brand with excellent content and skillful use of social media. Explore not only written content, but also video and eye-catching graphics. Do your research when it comes to keywords so that you can keep your SEO as sharp as a tack. Build an audience and nurture it!

Conduct Smart and Effective Ad Campaigns

PPC advertising is generally seen as quite technical in nature, but don’t be fooled. It can be as nuanced as it is challenging. Your ad copy must compete with those of countless other ads from your competitors. Your landing pages must be carefully designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the visitor so that you can lock down those conversions. Don’t underestimate the importance of effective bidding either, both in terms of keyword research and budgeting.

Track, Measure, and Report

From your advertising to your SEO, social strategy, and beyond, the progress and results of nearly every aspect of your plan can and should be analyzed on a routine basis so that you can make adjustments and key decisions as necessary. Considering how powerful today’s analytics tools are, and how skillfully your friendly neighborhood marketing experts can use them, you don’t have much of an excuse to slack when it comes to tracking and measuring your efforts!

Make Sure Your Site Can Convert

Even with quick-witted social media posts, a solid reputation on review sites, and masterful ad campaigns, more traffic means very little if your site can’t convert. It should be mobile friends, intuitive, and visually appealing. Devote resources to conversion rate optimization as well. This is not only critical for securing new customers, it can even supplement your inbound efforts by giving you more insight into your audience and creating a better experience for your visitors.

Utilize Marketing Automation

Speaking of a better experience, another powerful means to get more traffic to your website is marketing automation. This represents a diverse set of tools, but one of its central capabilities is creating more personalized experiences for your audience and guiding visitors to your site based on their interests and the history of their engagement with your brand. This is particularly useful for turning mailing list subscribers into clients, but the possibilities extend far beyond this!

The team at CAYK can help your business get more traffic than ever, but that’s far from being our only area of expertise. From boosting customer retention to creating top-notch content, we’re here to strengthen all of your marketing efforts. Call us at (403) 456-0072 to get started!