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Is Marketing Automation Right for You?

If your company simply adopted every single marketing tool that popped up on the radar without learning about it first, it would probably do more harm than good. The first step is always to determine if and how a new resource can get you results. Let’s look at marketing automation.

Loads of Leads

One type of business that can really benefit from marketing automation, regardless of the industry, is one that has a very high number of leads. In theory, being in this situation may seem more like a dream come true than a problem. However, a high volume of leads doesn’t do you much good if you can’t manage them properly. Determining lead quality when you have hundreds or thousands to deal with is a task that gets exhausting for any sales team. Marketing automation can help you develop a more coherent pool of potential clients by bringing the right people into focus, categorizing them, and streamlining how you connect with them.

Uneven Lead/Client Ratio

Let’s say your company is having trouble maintaining a healthy ratio between potential and confirmed clients. This means that you’re getting things right with the way you’re approaching your website and your inbound strategy. The community is paying attention to you, but you don’t quite have that extra something to turn them into eager customers. Marketing automation can save the day here as well. Custom email campaigns directed to your leads depending on their interests and behaviour, as well as highly relevant landing pages, can really win over those potential customers who are on the fence.

Still Working on It

A lot of business owners out there are in the early stages of building their company. A sophisticated tool like marketing automation may seem out of reach or irrelevant if you’re still getting things going, but you’d be surprised how accessible it is and how much it can do for you. Not having very many leads to go on can be very discouraging, but marketing automation is perfect for addressing this obstacle. It simultaneously enhances and complements your inbound strategy by targeting the right people with the right information, drawing them to your site, and securing higher quality traffic. No business should go without it!

Which of these categories does your business fall under? Like any good tool, marketing automation is flexible enough to meet a diverse set of needs. You just have to find out what your challenge is and build a strategy accordingly. Give us a call at (403) 456-0072 to learn more!


Why don’t I see my companies Google Ads when I search?

Why clients will not always see their own ads.

Clients want their ads to show up to the most relevant ‘searchers’ during their campaign. The natural response is to open a web browser and start doing Google searches to “check your ads”. If you do this you will decrease the quality score on your ad campaign and your ads may stop showing completely.

Don’t search Google to see your own ads!

If you regularly search your campaign keyword phrases that trigger your ads, but never click on your ads (because that costs money), you will be teaching Google that the ads are not relevant. Google will stop returning the ads in time and you will not see them anymore. Running up ad impressions without clicking on the ads will decrease the quality scores on the campaign and negatively impact it’s overall performance.

Daily budget and cost-per-click may impact your ads showing.

Your ads may stop showing if your daily budget is too low. The campaign cannot obtain more impressions or potential clicks if the daily budget is exhausted too soon.

Location, Location, Location

Your ad campaign will very likely target a specific area. For example, if you want to target all of Calgary only. We can also target areas as small as one area code. If you live or work outside of the campaign location target then you will not see your ads.

What is the best way to see how my campaign is performing?

The best way to understand your ad campaigns performance is to ask your Account Representative for an update. A report will include;

  • Ad Impressions (the number of times your ads have shown in search).
  • The average position of your ads.
  • The “click-through rate” or the number of people who clicked to your landing page.
  • The cost per click and the total cost to date.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your account representative today to book an account review meeting, we’d be happy to further discuss these points. 403-456-0072

Internet Marketing

Is Your Business Getting Lost in the Swamp?

Competition is a core part of running a business. Not all industries have to contend with it to the same degree, but if you want growth, you need to stand out. This is a task that seems to be getting harder and harder these days, especially on the web. Here’s how to make it a bit easier.

The Problem

The internet is big. So big, in fact, that even if you’re only looking for leads and clients in Calgary, it will still be pretty challenging for you to stand out from your competition. For those who want their company noticed, the task of gaining Facebook followers and website traffic can seem insurmountable when you have to get your community to know who you are in the first place. You don’t want to spent time and money developing a great website and using your social media profiles only to be yelling into the dark. This is why depending on one set of marketing practices while neglecting others is never a good idea.

A Multitude of Solutions

The good news is that there are numerous ways for you to gain more exposure and visibility for your business. The not-as-good news is that, with so much variety out there, knowing where to begin can be a little daunting. That is, if you’re trying to do it all on your own. If you work with the right digital marketing agency, they will utilize their experience and resources to direct the attention of your community towards you. The key is to choose a team that prioritizes a personalized approach, sitting down with you to determine where your efforts are falling short and what tools and strategies are necessary to beef things up.

Focusing Your Efforts

One of the key ways this is accomplished is through a strong PPC strategy. AdWords is the most common service for this form of advertising, and it’s always best to work with a fully equipped, AdWords certified, Google Partner agency. When members of your community search for key terms related to your industry, having a strong advertising presence on the results page can work wonders, not to mention a display ad presence on other sites. Well-written copy, smart budgeting, and savvy campaign management will give you just the push you need to stand out. It’s well within reach—all you need is a helping hand!

What aspect of digital marketing is your company falling behind on? Your strategy should draw from a diverse palette of tools to form a competitive, holistic approach. There’s no better way to make it happen than to work with a holistic marketing team! Call CAYK at (403) 456-0072 today!