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Take Advantage of Easter with Some Fun Social Posts!

Can you imagine a good marketing strategy without social media? Neither can we. It’s the linchpin of day-to-day interaction between people online today, and it’s especially powerful when you make it fun! Holidays are the perfect opportunity for this, so let’s take Easter as an example.

Why It’s Important

Before we dig into the specifics of Easter-themed engagement, it’s important to get a solid grip on the fundamentals of seasonality when it comes to social media in general. One of the surest ways to get your audience to completely disregard you and your brand is to keep your online presence generic all year round. Not only does it illustrate a lack of creativity, it also leads people to believe that your presence is synthetic and automated, with no relevance to the real world. The way you implement your platforms should be as dynamic as the world we live in. Seasonal characteristics shape daily life, and this should be reflected in your profiles.

Tapping Into the Spirit

Easter is one of those holidays that can really liven up the spaces we spend our time in. The advent of spring gets us excited about more sunshine, blooming flowers, and new beginnings. Even the distinct pastel colour palette lends itself to a vibrant atmosphere that can really snap us out of the winter blues. These are the kinds of details to keep in mind. Are you decorating your headquarters? Take photos around the office of your staff and show what a great environment you’ve built. Hide eggs for the kids in the community who come by with their parents. Don’t forget what a difference it can make to share fun, seasonally relevant content!

Other Holidays

We’re focusing on Easter here because it’s just around the corner, but you shouldn’t consider this to be an exceptional occasion in the routine operation of your social media strategy. No matter what time of year it is, chances are pretty good that there’s some way you can maximize the relevance of your engagement and make things as varied as possible. It could be during other major holidays, such as Halloween or Canada Day, or it can relate to local community events in Calgary. The core principle is to stay dynamic and maintain the interest of your followers. Make your online presence, both on social and elsewhere, one to remember!

Is your company’s social media activity blending in with all the others, or have you found a way to stand out and draw in new leads? It’s not always easy to build a unique presence, but with the right help, it’s a lot easier. Call the CAYK team at (403) 456-0072 to get started today!

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Is MA/CRO by CAYK More Than Just a HubSpot Subscription?

Our marketing automation service MA/CRO is one of our proudest achievements, and something that can help any business in countless ways. If you’re aware of the services offered by HubSpot, however, you may be wondering what the difference is. We’d love to show you!

Basic Principles

There are some concepts to know before you can tell the difference between a good marketing automation service and a great one. For instance, there’s the workflow, which is essentially a set of automated marketing actions that take place in response to a given action or condition. If a lead or client engages with your business online in a certain way, actions like automated email campaigns will be triggered with maximum relevance to the nature of their engagement. Also bear in mind the importance of nurturing your leads, or in other words, sustaining their interest in order to bring them closer to becoming a client.

Understanding Hubspot

Let’s run through HubSpot’s marketing automation offerings. The company operates on a subscription-based platform, which allows businesses to utilize marketing software toolsets at varying monthly rates. One key element of these toolsets is marketing automation. Like many other forms of marketing automation software, those offered by HubSpot give marketers what they need to build and implement workflows, design email campaigns, nurture leads, understand their behaviour and interests, and other more complex aspects of the process. If it sounds like a lot to keep up with, that’s because it is.

Going Further with MA/CRO

Like HubSpot’s tools, MA/CRO allows a business to develop insights into the behaviour of leads in order to design automated actions that get results. It also goes several steps further. HubSpot provides software, but they don’t work closely with your company to understand your goals and your client base. They don’t take care of the technical stuff for you, and they don’t strive to maintain a consistent schedule of 90 day assessments to keep you on track. This collaborative relationship is the secret to a successful strategy. It allows you to focus on running your business while we implement the tools and help you grow!

What do you look for in a marketing automation strategy? If you want to bring in new clients, keep them loyal, and give them a high-quality experience, software isn’t the only thing you need. Call CAYK at (403) 456-0072 to find out why our personalized approach gets the job done!